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Room breaks apart help   Chat

Started 7/13/20 by karri421; 783 views.

From: karri421


Yes that's true, but it's jarring that it repeatedly and suddenly breaks and then have to keep stretching it out. 

It happens to one person when another person enters the room. With me it started when sending any emoticon into the room.  Seems random.

And it's fidgety. You have to get it just right because it keeps jumping around while you are stretching it back out.

A lot of our chatters are older and its tough for them to keep having to fix this.

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


It might also have to do with how the members have their browse views set. (Hang in there with me- I'm posting this so I remember what I've already done)

The keys (on your keyboard) Control and + pressed at the same time increase your view of the webpage and that works in chat as well. That made the list disappear at one point which actually hides it under a menu icon in the top right. The emoticon selector moved as well.

Instead of increasing the webpage with Control + I went back to default and dragged the chat screen wider/longer. This made the Who is On list jump down underneath.   Funny thing was I had a hard time trying to recreate that so I get the intermittent part!

This time my view was at 110% before I opened the room, and I got it to work


As you see that grey bar would reveal the typing area but it results in a chat screen that is  basically useless...

The way I fixed it was to grab that corner and pull the screen small enough that the Menu icon appeared in the upper right....

then slowly back out until the Who's on list reappeared.


Next I increased the Zoom to 120% on Firefox and also came in with other IDs on Chrome and Edge increased to 125% and then on iOS. I was trying to get more names in the room to see what happened but did not have enough lol

I did have to widen the chat screen to get the Who's on to appear. I'll try to come back in when you have chatters but my schedule this week is a bit wonky. For now it it is happening let them know I THINK it might be connected to the Zoom level. It might be best to change it before opening Chat if they normally change it during. And to only stretch that screen after they have increased. However, your experience maybe totally different.

You can also give them the link to this discussion and they can add anything they wish here. First time posters here need to be voiced but once the guys see it in moderation they will Voice them.

Msg 28763.10 deleted

From: karri421


I haven't changed the browser percentage after entering the room. I doubt any of the others have either.

This just started happening several weeks ago. The room has been open since Sept. and we had another room for years prior to this one. No one has had this happen before and it suddenly just started happening randomly to all of us.

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Frustrating no doubt! I have your Tuesday night chat on my calendar if you don't mind me joining in.

I wanted to mention again about ad blockers AND that Edge has updated it's interface to be similar to Chrome - not that Chrome was a problem it's just new and there's bound to be issues.


From: karri421


We will be happy for you to join us. Thanks for trying to help :)