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Someone had trouble getting into my room   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started Aug-21 by heavn; 107 views.

From: heavn


Hi there gunter!


A chatter private messaged me. I do not know him, but he was genuinely distressed. His nick is, "6686L" of

He was having trouble getting into a couple of chat rooms. He said there were no problems with all other rooms. So I had him try to get into mine, and he could not even get my start page to load. He got an error message: "Problem with this page" around 1:20 pm eastern time.

He was using a cell phone. My room is set for Mobile Zeta. I had him go to his "My Preferences" and check Classic and Update to see if that would help.

Because when I use my cell phone I see my room in Zeta format, and I do that in "My Preferences" so I can view it in Classic.

It didn't help. He still doesn't show on my visitor list.

I told him I would ask you to see if tech could help him to get into my room. 40+ Friends

Perhaps tech will have an idea?

He said he would check back later. I told him I wasn't reporting right then, and that you were a business, and it had to be reported and get a work order and takes time. But I see in his profile the time of last visit - he has already checked. Poor guy. :O

Thanks for listening and all, gunter.


from Margie/heavn

In reply toRe: msg 1

From: gunter


Don't see any reason he wouldn't be able to get into your forum, not just chat, using

Suggest posting here with details and where he is getting the 'problem with this page' which usually indicates he has been locked out. 

Classic/Zeta wouldn't make any difference.