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My Forum on a new computer   Basic Help for Hosts

Started Jan-11 by Freebird (freebird35); 256 views.
Knotpicky (RUTA)

From: Knotpicky (RUTA)


The forum are hosted on Delphi computers, not your computer, so your forum will be the same on a new box as on the old. Same as it's the same on a computer and your phone or tablet, if you have either of those.

When you do need to buy a new computer, you'll need to remember your passwords to sign in again, or copy/install your password manager if you use one on your current machine.

 Thanks for the info. I only have a simple laptop but I was always curious on how that worked when buying a new computer when it comes to having up a forum. Thanks again for the info & happy belated holidays to you & yours!

Knotpicky (RUTA)

From: Knotpicky (RUTA)


You're very welcome. Yep, the forums are all on the Internet, not on your personal computer. Enjoy your forums and sleep easy. All the best to you an yours in the New Year.