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Change to embedded links   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 3/28/22 by Showtalk; 5438 views.

Kidmagnet asked me to post my issue(s) with posting videos here:

I'm in the Midnight Castle forum and had recently been having issues adding videos to my posts. I use a laptop with the Edge browser. I usually Right click on a video and then click the  icon and then click paste and then OK. Lately it is hit and miss on whether it works or not. Even the other options I was given by Kid are hit and miss. 

Also, awhile back I noticed that I couldn't edit a post if the last thing in the post was a video. I had to add a letter after the video (you can see examples in the Alpha Game discussion in the Midnight Castle forum) so I could go back and edit a post if I needed to and if I forgot to add the letter then I would have to delete the video, add what I wanted to add and then put the video back in. I never had to do that before.


From: gunter


Thanks for the details ... adding this to the report.