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Started Sep-16 by Life is beautiful with a smile (wtraves); 394 views.

Why does a folder in my forum say ( 0 posts) when there are posts in there, this has just started to happen aboutr1 week ago?

Do you regularly move or delete discussions (threads)?

yes I do, archive and move but never delete.

It's probably why the counter is off. Although the mechanism is there I don't think it was designed the way we use it.

When archiving; work from the oldest messages in that folder to the newest and not random or newest to oldest. But honestly I'd just continue enjoying the forum and doing things your way. Ignore the message counter. Delphi is old (shhhhh it does not like that word) so we might need to make a few allowances for it ;)

**Makes Delphi a cup of tea and places a warm blanket over its lap**

lol.... well the old delphi was good , then they started the changes

Ok then no fix for a simple prob, gotcha. Its no biggie really just annoying.  I cant archive from oldest as they all finish at different times and I archive as they are finished. I have only just got this problem and I have had the forum for several years and have always archived the same way, so its a new problem for me.

thanks so much

Nope not a new problem, it is one that occurs with the continued use of "achiving" but like I said - just continue and ignore the post count.