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Started Oct-3 by heavn; 210 views.

From: heavn


Hi there,

 This isn't something that needs fixed or found. I just am often wondering about this, so I decided to go ahead and just ask. 

There is a list of the Forums, and my room, "40+Friends", is under the Forum Category of "Talk City Chat". It is , indeed, one of the old Talk City rooms, started in 2007, 15 years ago. 
I am wondering... on that list, how does one move up in the placement? 
No matter on days I have more posts  and more active member numbers, I am still ALWAYS under others  who  have less. Even if they were not Talk City rooms,  even  if  I have over 50 active  and they have only  3 active  or only  7 active  with their 0 posts, I am UNDER them. I never move above where I am, at the bottom of the barely active, with the closed, inactive rooms. I never get a turn higher. Maybe  I  just  missed seeing  it up there by not looking on the right day?

It isn't some important  crisis  thing.  I  just wonder  about it when I come look. It kind of hurts. :(  So  I  thought I would  finally ask about it. 

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From: gunter


The forum list does not change when you have more users in a day.  It's cumulative with total activity in a forum over a period of time, which doesn't change often.

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From: WaltHowe


The forum ranking system is based on a number of factors, some obvious, some not so obvious. We deliberately do not give out details, because some forums would then try to "game" the system to get a higher ranking, and that often makes it a much less fun forum to be part of. Our advice is to make your forum as interesting and rewarding as you can and  ignore the rankings.