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In recent years,mining machinary is steping to Large-scale, environmental protection innovation and development way,no exception with construction waste disposal equipment.Crusher machine is compact structure,low height,small volume,light weight,high production capacity, is adopted abrasion-resistant steel,long life,be able to crush high strength materials.Crushing plants owns crushing and screening two functions, the performance index can absolutely achieve the international level.Greatly simplifies the process,and reduce the construction investment and operation cost.

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Sand making machine and other construction machinery description

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Construction machinery is a cyclical industry with a relatively high correlation with macroeconomic and investment in fixed assets. However, with the strength of China's construction machinery enterprises, the rapid growth of exports and the increase of export sales can make up for the fixed offshore market The cyclical impact brought by asset investment will make the development of construction machinery industry more chaotic. My company specializes in producing crusher, sand making machine, ball mill, mill, Raymond mill and other mineral processing equipment. Construction machinery is an important part of the equipment manufacturing industry and plays a very important role in the development of the national economy. According to the "Opinions on the Development of Equipment Manufacturing Industry" issued by the State Council, the equipment manufacturing industry provides technical equipment for national economic development and national defense construction The basic industry. We expect fixed asset investment will continue to maintain a relatively high growth rate in 11 years, but the growth rate has dropped. Correspondingly, the growth of the construction machinery industry will decline over 10 years. We expect the sales revenue of the construction machinery industry in 2011 to be about 24 % Or so, down 10% from 10 years 6 percentage points. After China's macroeconomic has experienced rapid prosperity for several years in succession, the format of high growth and low inflation has been shaken. The CPI in January-October of 2010 has reached 4.3. Our country's economic development has been developing rapidly in the second half of 10 years The situation has become a resonance between the center and the economists. The major task of economic work in the past 11 years has become to prevent the economy from shifting from over-speeding to overheating.