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In recent years,mining machinary is steping to Large-scale, environmental protection innovation and development way,no exception with construction waste disposal equipment.Crusher machine is compact structure,low height,small volume,light weight,high production capacity, is adopted abrasion-resistant steel,long life,be able to crush high strength materials.Crushing plants owns crushing and screening two functions, the performance index can absolutely achieve the international level.Greatly simplifies the process,and reduce the construction investment and operation cost.

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China's Construction waste crusher problems that need attention

Started 11/26/17 by xuanxuankuai; 142 views.

From: xuanxuankuai


At present, China's Construction waste crusher methods are generally divided into two categories: the first is the new construction waste dump sites, the construction landfill or dumping to a fixed place; the second category is the construction waste regeneration, the use of construction waste recycling equipment construction waste Crushed, processed into building materials that can be reused. 1, attach great importance to effectively strengthen organizational leadership. construction waste crusher and recycling is a systematic project, involving all levels of society, how to deal with the need for an organization to coordinate the solution, the construction units concerned should stand on politics, stresses the overall situation, stresses the stability of the height, and further Unify thinking, raising awareness, division of labor is responsible for, make concerted efforts to control; to establish and improve the special program of setting and management of muck, on the construction site muck, dust prevention measures, disposal and implementation of unified leadership and unified management. 2, improve the level of technical treatment of construction waste. Urban construction waste is usually treated by direct landfill and lacks effective technical treatment of construction waste. In particular, the construction of waste to do the concrete aggregate must be broken, grading, cleaning and storage technology domestic enterprises have little research. Relevant departments of the city should help to coordinate as soon as possible and rely on enterprise technology research and development to solve the technical problems in the construction of garbage disposal. 3, reduce the construction waste on the environment pollution. China's Construction waste crusher technology and recycling rate is low, most of the construction waste was transported to the landfill dump or landfill, not only takes up a lot of valuable cultivated land, but also on the soil, water, vegetation and other natural environment caused considerable harm. At the same time, it caused serious pollution to the urban environment during the transportation and seriously affected the urban environment and the city image. So for those who can not be sorted out of garbage to be properly disposed of, the environmental pollution to a minimum. 4, the government should provide financial support for the construction of waste disposal. Waste from construction waste is not a commodity, but is of no value in itself and will not yield new value until it has been processed and reused. In the process of recycling and disposing of construction waste, the unit of processing often makes no profit and lack of enthusiasm, which has a direct impact on the utilization of the work. Therefore, the government must give economic subsidies in the utilization process through some channels. 5, establish and improve the reasonable policies and regulations. In recent years, although China has a clear understanding of the importance of building waste recycling, it has not given enough attention. The state has not yet established and improved relevant laws and regulations, the provisions of penalties for violations of the regulations, the prohibition of landfill available construction waste and the provisions of the construction waste must be classified collection and storage of the terms are not perfect. Therefore, relevant policies and regulations should be promulgated and an effective rewards and punishment system should be put in place.