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In recent years,mining machinary is steping to Large-scale, environmental protection innovation and development way,no exception with construction waste disposal equipment.Crusher machine is compact structure,low height,small volume,light weight,high production capacity, is adopted abrasion-resistant steel,long life,be able to crush high strength materials.Crushing plants owns crushing and screening two functions, the performance index can absolutely achieve the international level.Greatly simplifies the process,and reduce the construction investment and operation cost.

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vibrating screen manufacturers in pune

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Quarry crusher plant is the oldest, stone crusher is the most solid, usually are not independent, but with other crushing, vibrating screen in pune composition of production line system, as a vibrating screen in pune, realize the accurate processing of ore rock, improve products, increase its market value. vibrating screen in pune in crushing production line in the role is very obvious.

The main advantages of vibrating screen vibrating screen with other types of screen, the main advantages are:

1) because of strong motion acceleration of screen surface, material through the mesh velocity, the sieve with productivity and screening efficiency is very high (about 80 - 85%);

2) a wide range of applications, not only can be used for fine screening, can also be used for in the rough and coarse screening. (mesh size to 100 mm, to 0.2 - 0.5 mm) in addition, can also be used for dehydration and desliming operations;

3) when screening sticky and wet ore, the mesh is not easy to be blocked, performance indicators than other screen high;

4) has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and adjustment of 5 per ton) screening; materials consumed less energy.

According to the structure and motion trajectory generating motion of sieve sieve shaker is different, can be divided into: eccentric vibrating screen, vibrating screen, self centering vibrating screen, linear sieve and resonance screen. Due to the eccentric and vibrating screen vibration of large and the screening efficiency is low, prone to screen clogging phenomenon, so the domestic new plant has not used. The self centering vibrating screen overcomes the former two sieve shortcomings, and is widely applied. The screen also known as universal hanging screen features self centering center vibration oscillation center. It is produced by a vibrating with eccentric nature of the screen. Its features are as follows:

1) the material on the sieve can achieve very good stratification under the action of vibration;

2) counterweight size of the vibrating screen can be adjusted according to production requirements, amplitude adjustment sieve size;

3) when the ore feeding quantity changes, amplitude changes. Feed small amplitude increase vibration; feed much smaller amplitude. To change ore will affect the dynamic balance, so that the belt pulley center had some vibration;

4) apply to, fine screening and does not adapt to the coarse material screening.