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From: Bob (Bobbylee7) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostJun-20 12:23 PM 
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Germany, the leader in green energy in the EU and the nation with the best economy, is having to backtrack on green energy. For years Germany has been putting up wind turbines and solar panels and according to the experts didn't need electricity from coal plants any longer. However, there are years when green energy puts out less power, as it's not as windy or sunny as planned. 

Also, the power/electricity produced by green energy can't be stored, so it has to be used and at certain times, they produce more than is required for that day, they can't just let the power sit, it ruins the equipment, so they contacted France, who's main energy is produced by Nuclear Plants and as it turns out, nuke plants are cheaper and safer and don't produce any hazardous gases or anything to the air, ground or water. Germany offered to sell it's excess electricty producion to France for a cheap price, but France said NO, Germany offered to give it to France for free, bug France said NO, So, Germany pays France to take it's excess electricity production now, it has no other choice, the power has to go somewhere.  

It's been determined the waste can be used over and over again and Thorium can be used to neutralize it's radioactive status without issues either. so, Nukes are the way to go now, who would have thought that? Not the liberals, so they keep pushing for green energy not knowing nukes are the most green of any. 

Since the green energy isn't getting the job done, Germany is firing it's coal plants again, ??  Germany will also fire up the natural gas plants it closed, but Russia keeps shutting off it's nat gas, so what's a liberal green energy nation to do, but to go coal and nat gas... 


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