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Who We Are

We are an online community for people impacted by kidney disease in all it’s various forms. It was started by a kidney disease patient for the benefit of not only other patients, but also potential patients who are at risk, friends and family of patients, medical professionals, scientists, and anyone engaged in the pursuit of better treatment and ultimately a cure for this destructive disease.


My goal as your host and fellow kidney patient is to provide a platform for those of us affected to tell our stories, our experiences, and to be a shoulder to lean on along the way. Also I hope to make this site an educational resource that points you to the latest advances and news of new treatments coming in the future.


On that point I want to stress the very important disclaimer that nothing on this site should be taken as medical advice. I am not a doctor, but a recently diagnosed patient with Chronic Kidney Disease. While I will do my best maintain quality control over what is posted, my main advice and the position of this forum is to always consult your physician and medical professionals. Everyone’s case is unique in some way and even if there are members who are (or claim to be) medical professionals, it is your responsibility to follow up with your medical team.


With that in mind I will do my best to point people in the right direction as I learn more about this disease and the resources available to us as patients.


Forum Rules:

Forum rules are really quite simple:

  • Be nice.

  • Be sensitive to other members and their situations.

  • Debate and disagreements are normal, but don’t make it personal or be degrading.

  • Be accountable for your words. Don’t be irresponsible. Links to and posts of a questionable nature (fake cures, scams, etc) will be deleted and repeat offenders will be booted.


With that out of the way, I want to give a hearty welcome to all those impacted in some way by kidney disease - patients, family members, loved ones, medical professionals, researchers and everyone with the shared goal curing this disease once and for all!


Opened: 10/5/2019




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