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Would You Donate Your Kidney To A Stranger?   Discussions

Started Nov-24 by CDP (PerraultC); 80 views.
CDP (PerraultC)

From: CDP (PerraultC)


A couple things about  this article:

As this article asks, would you  donate a kidney to a complete stranger? Of course some of us here don't have the kidney to donate so that makes our answer a little easier. But if we could? I have to think about that now.

It also unintentionally raises another question. This article is from 2017  but that's only a couple years ago and it's coming out of the UK. So when  they say that  the waiting list there is 5000 people I have to ask:

What the hell are they doing right in England and what are we missing in the States to have such a difference? We average a waiting list of 100,000+  a  year versus their 5000.  Are bangers and mash some sort of health panacea that we were never told about?