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Jim   General Discussion

Started Nov-14 by vickipoo; 641 views.

From: vickipoo


Are u still in Pa?

Jim (LuckyPaGuy)

From: Jim (LuckyPaGuy)


Well, yes, according to maureen9, in another forum, I was spotted in Pittsburgh!  You are all so pathetic to keep this going,  lmao!!


From: illip2


You never followed up in meeting Curt. Proved me wrong and meet with him since he lives so close according to you and you have been avoiding him for months.


From: vickipoo


looking at your log in times we all know your still in Pa.-lol


From: Mooseman611


lol - wow - do these people not realize that the computer programming shows them the times that users logged in based on their own timezone selected in their profiles??


Jim (LuckyPaGuy)

From: Jim (LuckyPaGuy)


Well, no, I don't think they are intelligent enough to realize that. Their only purpose here is to stir things up. They don't know anything they post about, and rarely post anything that isn't negative. Only here to try to ruin other's experience here. 

Jim, I saw the same kind of crap in LAUF, as well as in my old forum, LFA........ That's one reason I shut it down.  I had a very sneaky suspicion that the same idiots would continue to post crap in this room as soon as it opened...... The room owner obviously doesn't give a flying rat's rear-end.  Shucks, he or she hasn't even logged in since September and his or her profile is completely blank....... All some of these people care to do is talk crap about other people and then, they'll point fingers at others and blame them for ruining LAUF, when THEY are the ones who really led to its demise.  I mean, I made ONE post in the old LAUF forum when I called out ShellyG10, or whatever it was and I got blamed for Don shutting it down....... Oh well, it is what it is and I don't regret making that post.  People can get pissed at me for that and for shutting down LFA, but they can just get over it, because I don't regret that either.  I have another forum now and I'm happy with it.  And yeah, I know I'll probably get some hateful posts to me from them, but good thing is, Delphi has this AMAZING feature called IGNORE that I won't hesitate to utilize!!! Lol


From: notaguynow


Send me the link to your forum

In reply toRe: msg 3

From: CurtMees


He or she may not prove it but I sure an hell can! I'm storing some of his things and he has been sleeping in the spare bedroom for almost a month now! Before you spread gossip , make sure it's the truth or keep your fingers off the keyboard! This is also for vickipoo and any of the other trouble makers! Get back on subject and let this DIE!! Curt

coming from the guy with the inflatable wife doll