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Thirafirm Light Support Pantyhose.......   Hosiery Reviews

Started Nov-28 by Kenny (GoofBall1983); 376 views.

Ok, first of all........... I KNOW that I'm probably gonna get crap from the trouble-makers and haters in here, but I don't care, I'll just put them on Ignore and NEVER have to read a post from them to me.  LOL

Anyway, with that said.......... I have posted that I've gone back to shaving my legs and wearing hosiery again.  For the month or so that I stopped, my legs were REALLY bothering me because of my varicose veins and I had to go back to wearing them again.  So now yes, I'm a full supporter, like I've always been, for hosiery being a unisex garment especially if it's for medical reasons.

Now, about the Thirafirm Light Support Pantyhose.......... On Friday, I went on brightlifedirect.com and ordered a pair of them, with 10-15mm compression, they are Bronze color, so very dark tan.  I received them in the mail yesterday, (Monday).  They're quite difficult to put on because of the higher compression, but once they're on they feel great and they do an amazing job with easing my leg pain and I actually have them on right now.  The waist band on these is unlike any other that I've seen or worn in a pair of pantyhose.  It's very comfortable, it doesn't dig in or roll and, this is kind of hard to describe, but from where the "panty" part is attached to the tops of the legs up to the waist, the fabric is doubled up (if that makes sense).  Also, in the same order, I ordered a pair of Allegro Fawn Color pantyhose with 8-15mm compression.  Those help with my leg pain too......... And no, I will not post a pic or a video.  Anyway, just thought I'd share that with y'all, (or with the ones who actually care to read about people's hosiery reviews and not here to stir up trouble). 


From: marrytin


your fetish is stronger than your religion


From: DaKoomz


Staying on topic, I've been using these for about three years now.  Therafirm is constantly evolving this product and it has gotten better with each iteration.

Two years ago, they moved the toe seam to under the toes instead of at the tips of the toes.

Last year they added the extended waistband.

Both have vastly improved their product.  The only issue I have with their bronze color, which I also wear, is that the color doesn't last.  After about a dozen or so washings, the color faded quite a bit.  I've recently moved on to their footless opaque tights, these have also been excellent and no issue with color fade.

That's cool, DaKoomz.  It was the first time I ordered Thirafirm pantyhose and honestly, the only issue I have with them, is the toe seam being under the toes.......... It's a bit uncomfortable, but I can deal with it.  LOL  I had a pair of Allegro pantyhose, with 15-20mm/hg compression and that pair had the reinforced toe and heel and had the toe seam under the toes also.  Those were very tight to put on as well, but in my opinion, were too thin and they laddered easily. 

Well, it's good to know that the color won't fade on the Thirafirm pantyhose until at least a dozen washings.  Do you hand wash or machine wash your hose?  I hand wash mine.


From: DaKoomz


We machine wash in a netted bag and then hang to dry.

Putting them on isn't too difficult if you start with them inside out.

Oh ok, that's cool.......... I hand wash mine at home, because I don't have washer and dryer hook-ups, plus it saves money on going to the laundromat to wash them.  LOL  Also, I know I've seen on more than one occasion, in the old LAUF room and in my old LFA room, some people, Steve Katz included, recommend that hosiery be hand washed because doing that extends the life expectancy of hosiery.  Plus, the medical-grade pantyhose that I have, the manufacturers recommend to hand wash them.  But you know, whatever works best for you......... Of course, I have also seen people say that it really doesn't hurt hosiery to machine wash them in cold water and on gentle cycle. 


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''your fetish is stronger than your religion"