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If you like Adrian Sport Opaque Tights   General Discussion

Started 12/4/17 by Kenny (GoofBall1983); 422 views.
Kenny (GoofBall1983)

From: Kenny (GoofBall1983)


Well, I just put in an order for Adrian Sport Opaque Tights, size L............ The ones with the white stripes down the legs.  I ordered them off of thestylishfox.com and I paid all of $15.65 for them, shipping and all.  On The Sylish Fox, they are $11.99 before shipping.  Now, if you buy them from G. Lieberman & Sons, aka Activskin, they are $12.99 before shipping, then I guess depending on where you live, you pay $7.00 for shipping which would total $19.99......... So yeah, I saved a little over $4.00 by ordering them from The Sylish Fox, vs ordering them from Activskin.  Just a little FYI for those who like those tights.......... Honestly, I LOVE them!  LOL




I have a pair.  I like them.  They don't have much support, but they look good.  Almost 100% opaque from the knee down.  Probably 90% from the knee up.  If you are wearing them under shorts, they look like sports leggings.

Jef (jefprov108)

From: Jef (jefprov108)


I,totally agree with this. They are comfy but lack support. Look great with shorts and sneakers. Overall I have been happy with Adrian hosiery in the past.

Kenny (GoofBall1983)

From: Kenny (GoofBall1983)


I agree........... Those tights are totally comfortable and no, they don't have much support.  So, especially with cold weather coming in my neck of the woods, I will probably wear them with support or compression pantyhose underneath.  LOL  I did, back in the summer, wear a pair of them out in public under shorts.  I'm sure some people noticed, but no one said anything.  They do look like leggings, if you wear them with socks and low-top sneakers.