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Tights in public   General Discussion

Started Dec-5 by lovezkey; 241 views.

From: lovezkey


I am curious, How many guys actually wear tights/leggings (under shorts or otherwise) that are visible in public? 

I do......... I'll wear either opaque tights, or sheer pantyhose with shorts in public, weather permitting.  LOL


From: DougAA


I wear tights under shorts quite a bit, but only very opaque tights, such as 100 denier or higher. Although not sports tights, they have the same opaque appearance. I like black, but don't see any problem with wearing colors. If you're wondering what it's like for a guy to wear them in public, in almost every case it's a non-event. If people notice, there's no sign of it except maybe a harmless stare.

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From: lovezkey


Nice! I wear 60den and higher under shorts. Adrian makes a few a pair that are 60 den I wear under shorts quite a bit. I’ve maybe gotten a few second looks but thats it. Ive seen tights under shorts at the gym but I don’t recall ever seeing anyone else with quite what I like. I think camo tights under shorts are just bada**!! Haha just don’t really ever see anyone else with tights under shorts which is weird because it gets cold as heck here and I still see people running around in shorts. I love wearing shorts too but over the winter time I prefer some tights to go with! Haha