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Rex's 2nd Time Around Volume 2   Sobriety/Recovery Journals

Started 8/31/12 by Rex (rcclark99); 33179 views.
Brian (BrianB125)

From: Brian (BrianB125)


When you are ready for a new dog, I have a friend who is in to hound rescues.  He post videos of 2 or 3 month dogs practicing howling that are really wonderful.  If I lived where I could have a dog, I would be tempted.  If you are ever interested, let me know.

I think you are right, at the beginning of sobriety, rigidity feels safer.  I think that may be one of the attractions of AA and the lack one of the harder things to handle with Life Ring.


From: mkh106


thanks for the offer, Brian, and i have to laugh...because one of the criteria for any dog of mine is that they not be howling.

my neighbours would kill me:)

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From: MaryLouise3


Hi everyone

Just a quick heads-up for those who aren't on Facebook. Rex has been hospitalised for a week or so with a bad gallbladder/bile duct infection, but seems to be better now and Judy has posted  very positive updates.

I'll post more news as updates come in.



Rex (rcclark99)

From: Rex (rcclark99)


Hi Mary! As you mentioned I did recently spend nine days in the hospital but am now home and recovering from a blockage in my bile duct. It was extremely painful and resulted in a blood infection which I'm still taking antibiotics for. This is my third bout with a similar problem. My gall bladder was removed 12 years ago but still is a source of problems for me health-wise from time to time ever since. Every time this problem comes up it becomes life threatening due to sepsis and blood infections which makes my body temperature soar. I've been in intensive-care packed in ice on more than one occasion since then.

But I'm home now and though still very weak and tired, every day seems to be slightly better. Thank you for thinking of me, Mary, I hope you're well and keeping as cool as possible. It seems that our winter is tapering off although I know spring is still a few weeks off. Judy and I were supposed to be on a Caribbean cruise last week and spending a week in Florida this week but obviously that didn't happen. Judy was very disappointed and of course it will be quite costly for us but we really had no choice. Life goes on and as everyone else is, I'm only guaranteed today so I just try to make the most of every one.




From: mkh106


oh it sounds like an awfully painful condition all around and i' m glad to hear you are home and okay. 


From: MaryLouise3


Very happy and relieved to know you're back and recovering, Rex. I wish I could send you some of our heat! Sorry to hear about the cruise but these things happen. And if you had fallen ill on the cruise, that would have been more difficult. Please rest and take it easy as your body heals. All love to Judy.

Rex (rcclark99)

From: Rex (rcclark99)


Thank you margit,

Yes, It was a rough couple of weeks but I'm getting stronger everyday and have just finished with my final round of antibiotics to kill the blood infection. I have a followup doctor visit on Friday so we'll see what my GP has to say.

Rex (rcclark99)

From: Rex (rcclark99)


You have sent us some of your heat! It's supposed to be 53 degrees F today and 58 tomorrow with lots of sunshine.

I did spend several days in the hospital on high doses of dilaudid (hydromorpone) and Norco (hydrocodone). There was no other way to deal with extreme pain. I have no idea how anyone becomes addicted to opioids. They do nothing for me other than make the pain tolerable. I did have a little trouble getting off them (hallucinations etc.) but this has happened to me before after surgeries, of which I've had several.

Yes, there will be other vacations and I should just be thankful to be alive and getting better.

Thank you for thinking of us here.

Hugs to you and your household.


From: MaryLouise3


So good you came through all that and don't have to juggle opioids. I'm with you, Rex, I had morphine after the hysterectomy -- it made me spacey and as if I was falling in and out of a dark well. Horribly unpleasant and no euphoria, I was very happy to stop.


Good to hear you're warmer there. Our dawns and twilights are cooler and more autumnal, owls hooting and a freshness in the air. But not enough rain to make a difference yet.


Hugs back, my friend.

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Rex (rcclark99)

From: Rex (rcclark99)


Hello to all,

Although I seldom post here anymore, I do follow this wonderful forum and try and keep up with some great, sober friends I've made here. 

I turned 71 years of age last March and first came here in late 2009 after struggling with alcoholism for much of my life. I had my last drink on November 15, 2009 and can't ever imagine having another one. 

When I look back over the last nine years it is amazing how many changes had occurred.

I have divorced and been in a new relationship for almost 6 years, I have suffered the death of a daughter by suicide on Christmas Eve of 2016. I have also become a great-grandfather twice and while my overall health is good there have been recent challenges in that area.

I still struggle with mild bi-polar illness but medication helps and for the most part it's not a big problem.

Life is short, sometimes difficult, complicated but such an interesting adventure. I will try to get some thoughts together and post more later.