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LifeRing Recovery: a self-help alternative for recovery from alcoholism and other chemical dependency. Group support for abstinence from alcohol and “drugs” by empowering the sober self within you. Completely secular: no prayers, Higher Powers or Steps.

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Hello   General Sharing

Started May-6 by Holly (CreatureXoxo); 610 views.

Hello! Hoping to find a community of people that I can bounce off. I’ve had a problem with alcohol for many years. I can go up to 2-3 weeks sometimes without any, but I always just plummet right back in. I don’t think there’s anything I can say here right now that isn’t just complete textbook. 
Hope you all are well! 


From: joey0000


Hello! Don't be worried about saying anything textbook, I'm sure lots of experiences are similar but they're all equally valid. And good luck with trying to quit drinking. You can do it! x

Brian (BrianB125)

From: Brian (BrianB125)


Welcome to the Forum.

"Hoping to find a community of people that I can bounce off."  That is exactly why we are here.  As Joey said, everyone is a bit the same and everyone is a bit different.  There is nothing particularly special about us, if we can stop drinking, so can you.



From: LolaBug


Welcome! I haven't been hanging around here much, but im going to try to get back to it. Ive been doing a lot of Zoom meetings, both AA and Lifering, and of course my Women For Sobriety program. 

Hang around and let us get to know you!


From: JanelleKay


Welcome!  I hope you tell us a little more about yourself when you feel comfortable.  I am new to Life Ring myself (17 days sober right now).  I started out in AA 26 years ago.  Besides AA, I've also participated WFS, Refuge Recovery, and SMART.  My longest sober stretch was 7 years, but I did a total plummet back into the drinking abyss with a vengeance.  I've managed several one-month or one-week dry spells -- in between months- or years- long periods of drinking.  The people that I've encountered in LR are very supportive and non-judgmental.  There is something about this program that makes me feel more at home here than any other recovery program.  There don't seem to be many face-to-face meetings (except in California) but there are several Zoom meetings every day.  I am glad you are here!!  --Jan


From: kharrisma


Hi, and welcome!  LifeRing also has an "email forum" format, where we stay in touch via emails, if you're more comfortable with that.  I'm 3 1/2 years sober, but pretty new to LifeRing.  AA's done well by me, but the overtly religious slant (notwithstanding their claims to the contrary) is starting to really get to me, so I began looking for a more secular venue.  LifeRing definitely fits the bill.  There are others, but many are so busy being anti-AA that the core message gets pushed to the back burner, or so it seemed to me.

Well, alcoholism follows a set path for almost all of us; haven't heard any truly unique stories as far as the progression of the disease goes.  Don't worry if it sounds "textbook"; if you need to say it, we're here to listen... we've all been there.



From: MaryLouise3


Welcome and I hope this week is going well. At the start of sobriety I found it was just a bit of an endurance test with moods seesawing. It gets easier with time.

Good to have you here.


Just seeing this message. Thank you so much. 

Hello, just seeing this. Thank you so  much. I appreciate it. 

Hello, just seeing this. Thank you so much for reaching out.