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GRMD #125   T. Austin Sparks

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Let me say to young Christians: Be very wary of an insidious deception - partly through unfortunate mistranslations of the Scripture, but more through common language and phraseology about immortality, the 'immortality, of the soul'. The Bible does not teach it! The Bible word, where the translators of the Authorised Version have put 'immortality', is really 'incorruption' (see R.V.) - and incorruption is quite a different thing from what men mean by the immortality of the soul. They lump all men together in this and by their word 'immortality' lift us on to a level to which we do not all belong, and to which we can never come naturally. Incorruption is the TRUE immortality.

But immortality is thought of as continuity of existence, and we will allow that for the soul; but there is a very great difference between continuity of existence and incorruption, incorruptible life. Eternal life is a different thing altogether from just continuity of life. It is a KIND of life, a CHARACTER of life. It is the life which we have IN CHRIST. You see, this goes to the root of the whole matter. We have got to get right back to Jesus Christ. Christ is different from all other men in the essential nature which is in Him; and, when He gives us His own life, we as Christians are different essentially, with the biggest difference possible, from all other creations - because this is an eternal matter.