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Based on Malachi 3:16-18 I believe the Lord will harken to us as we consider his word together.

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The Ordinances of Heaven #7   T. Austin Sparks

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Dr. Campbell Morgan calls Isaiah the prophet of the theocracy - that is, God is King. He works out his analysis on that principle right through these prophecies. Is Israel failing to give God His place? Then, like Uzziah, Israel must be set aside, and another brought in giving God His place. It means a great deal more than we mean when we say that we make Jesus King and we recognize that He is Lord, and we want Him to be Lord. But most of our troubles come along that line. We have not such absolute confidence in His Lordship, in His wisdom, the sovereignty of His wisdom, the sovereignty of His love. We have not such confidence as to make it impossible for us to have any quarrels with the Lord, disputes, controversies. The Lord is taking a way with us and we do not like it, and we feel very bad about it, and we get ourselves into trouble with the Lord because His sovereign wisdom is choosing a course that is not the one that we would choose, to say the least of it, and while these controversies go on, we say, The Lord does not seem to be interested in us, why should we take His interests to heart? We just give it up, do nothing about it.

While there is anything like that, we are at a standstill spiritually; there can be no possible increase of divine fulness, no possible committal of Himself to us in any further measure. It is all hanging upon this question of His Lordship. It is not till we get down before the Lord and say, "However it seems and whatever I feel about it, You Lord, must have your way; I must get out of Your way, I must come into line with you." We must really deal with the Lord like that. When that is true and thorough, it will be like the opening of a brass gate. There will be spiritual enlargement and growth on our part, and usefulness to the Lord. This kind of ministry is bound to be the end of it all. When He is Lord, there is a ministry of value to Him, serving His sovereign purpose. It begins with the Throne. "Exalted, exalted, exalted is the Lord of hosts."

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   Two things we ought always say to our GOD = THANKYOU and, not my will but yours be done.