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Based on Malachi 3:16-18 I believe the Lord will harken to us as we consider his word together.

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By Julie W.
May 16, 2021
Message received- May 14, 2021
Created in My image and chosen before the foundation of time, I knew you, just as I knew He who would manifest and come forth from Me as My Son, the embodiment and complete essence of Me, He who spoke into existence all of Creation, making it manifest, for He is the Word.
ALL created by Me have a choice in whom they serve.
Freely, I have given that choice, and freely EACH one CHOOSES the outcome determined by your destiny in ME. YOUR VESSELS can be used for honor or dishonor. You who choose to use them for honor are used as extensions of Me, as My Spirit works from within you. All that I Am makes Our home in you who are chosen and elected, and YOUR PURPOSE is carried out as you walk in this journey of OBEDIENCE towards greater intimacy with Us.
Sent into a realm of duality, where A CHOICE must be made, your example and your response to the position in which you have been called has ETERNAL CONSEQUENCES.
THOSE of you born into THIS REALM with a proclivity towards HOLINESS and RIGHTEOUSNESS are GIVEN an OPPORTUNITY in this life to display LIFE, TRUTH, and THE WAY, which is MY SON, **to** THOSE born with a proclivity towards EVIL.
Once born into this body, not all are able to make the choice in whom they will serve easily, as they are bound by many dark influencing forces.
In MY SON, I gave you AN EXAMPLE of HOW to LIVE and HOW to WALK OUT this journey. HE... being ME, presented the ONLY WAY by which ANY SOUL returns TO ME.
Collectively, MY BODY, you are to do the same, in that your quest for truth and eternal life with ME and all that is PURE, HOLY and RIGHTEOUS will lead THOSE I place in your lives to also SEE My example in this realm, where otherwise, it would be gross darkness for them.
An ALLOTTED TIME was given to those who rebelled against My authority and My Supreme Being, and as that time draws to its CLOSE, the darkness intensifies.
Hence, this is why THOSE of you *CHOSEN* for THIS TIME to AWAKEN, to REMEMBER WHO you ARE and WHY YOU ARE HERE, have come HERE to be THE LAST generation. YOU EACH have AN ASSIGNMENT and ROLE to play, and are A PIECE of a much larger PUZZLE that you will SOON UNDERSTAND with much more detail and clarity.
THE SEED of MY SPIRIT is placed in EVERY SOUL that I create, and the yearning deep within TO KNOW truth is embedded in your core being.
YOU ARE HERE to WAKEUP, to REMEMBER that you are a SPIRITUAL BEING in service to the only ONE CREATOR, and YOUR LIFE is to DEMONSTRATE this in every aspect. MY BLUEPRINT in your DNA carries eternal life. WHEN you understand exactly WHO and WHAT has been placed within, you come to the realization that Nothing, NOTHING can HARM YOU or DESTROY YOU as you are in Me-- eternal, immortal, untouchable, heir
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