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The Anointing of the Holy Spirit #8   T. Austin Sparks

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The Anointing of the Holy Spirit
by T. Austin-Sparks

Chapter 2 - The Anointing For Purpose


We have the Book of Samuel open before us and we take up that one thought - that anointing relates to specific purpose and vocation, and that we are anointed unto - or for - that. So it is necessary for us, in order to understand the working of the anointing, to bring into view the purpose of David's life, and therefore, the purpose of his anointing.

Why David Was Raised Up

The purpose of David's life... We open the first book of Samuel and we see the state of things in the first chapter and onward. Here we have the spiritual condition of the Lord's people in general gathered up representatively in their spiritual head, Eli. Eli represents the general spiritual condition of the people of God. Eli is in a state of weakness. Weakness characterises him in every direction and every connection. He is unable, through weakness, to rightly govern, lead, or maintain the spiritual life of the people, and his personal state corresponds to their state, and their's to his. The people of God are in a state of spiritual weakness and impotence in the days of Eli.

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Loss of Spiritual Vision

Eli is in a condition of almost entire, though not absolute, blindness. His eyes are dim. His vision had become very much shortened. His natural state of vision represented the spiritual state both of himself and of the people. It says: "And the word of the Lord was precious in those days; there was no open vision." There was this almost entire blindness, the shortened vision, the veil. Eli's hearing of the voice of the Lord was also in a state of ineffectiveness. His spiritual ear had lost its keenness. When Samuel came repeatedly to him about the voice, it was not until the thing had happened several times that Eli either jumped to it or drifted into it, that it might be the Lord, it must be the Lord. Eli was not hearing the voice of the Lord; Samuel was. And even when Samuel was hearing the voice of the Lord Eli was very slow in discerning that it was the voice of the Lord. The spiritual state of the people of God was just that, they were not hearing the voice of the Lord; they had not the ear to hear what the Spirit was saying.

There is such a great deal of difference between having ears to hear doctrine, teaching, and to have an inner ear which hears the Lord. The Lord never said to the Churches in Asia: "He that hath two ears to hear let him hear," He said: "He that hath an ear"; which is a different thing altogether; "let him hear what the Spirit saith." We cannot hear what the Spirit saith with outward ears. Only the inner organ hears what the Spirit saith. Eli was dull of hearing, and that was the spiritual state of God's people so far as the voice of the Spirit was concerned. Weakness, deafness, blindness and consequent disorder.

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The Divine Order Upset

The Divine order amongst His people, the Divine order in the House of God was all upset. It says: "And ere the lamp of God went out in the temple of the Lord." Evidently the custom was for the lamp to go out then, but that was contrary to the Word of God. The Word of God stipulated definitely that that lamp should never go out. But here, as though it were the accepted thing - "And ere the lamp of God went out." We have not to look far for other and more terrible signs of disorder in the House of God; Eli's sons, for instance. And so the heavenly order was not being reflected in the midst of God's people. The heavenly system had no counterpart there. That which was in the thought of God had no representation amongst men spiritually. Contrast that with those great chapters in Chronicles where Solomon completes the temple and dedicates it, and see the state of things at the time of dedication. Oh, what a mighty change. What a difference. Death has given place to life; darkness to light, disorder to order, weakness to strength, shame to glory. There you have got David's life-purpose. David was brought in in relation to things as they were in the days of Eli in order to carry them to be what they were in the days of Solomon; and he was anointed for that. Make that contrast and then you have got the key to David's life.