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Based on Malachi 3:16-18 I believe the Lord will harken to us as we consider his word together.

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How women are treated   General Discussion

Started Sep-10 by marvinlzinn1; 27 views.

From: marvinlzinn1


      For many years I have read about how women are treated, including several countries where I worked.

      I have had college students stay in my house several years, I take them to college, and only charge the extra expense. One was a Catholic nun from Kenya. She had been abused all of her life. My house was the first place she had respect and independence. But her uncle, a Catholic priest, forced her to sign a complete lie about me (she told be after it happened) so when I took another student to that same college I was arrested and put in jail. I could not afford a bond, lost about $20,000 I had to add to my mortgage.

       That woman continued over 5 years now communicating with me between often blocked for it. She desperately wants to come back to my house.. She is a nurse who will take care of me until I die, saying even to marry me. I suppose she is back in Kenya now and cannot communicate, will as soon a possible.

     I never paid much attention to how nuns were treated, but this poor woman (age about 34) suffering most of her life matched news reports. 

    I have spent a lot of time recently in hospital, so definitely need a lot of help.