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Based on Malachi 3:16-18 I believe the Lord will harken to us as we consider his word together.

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Recovery of Spiritual power.   T. Austin Sparks

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We are no good to God in a day of weakness if it is not settled with us that Christ has risen, and that God has accepted us for Christ's sake, that we are accepted in the Beloved. So many are still uncertain of that. They are wondering if the Lord is quite well pleased with them and really does love them, or whether He is against them, and round they go in a continual terrible introspection as to whether the Lord has a delight in them at all, and they are in bondage and cannot lift a hand to deliver another soul. It is not what we are, but what the grace of God can make us. Because of the grace of God we are accepted in the Beloved. God has accepted us for Christ's sake, and all that we come short in has been made over to us in the Person of Christ, and He has become our sufficiency to give us a standing in the presence of God with the definite attestation of approval. It is all of grace. It is not what we are. If we have presented ourselves wholly to the Lord (have you done that?), the Lord brings down all the perfections of His Son and lays them to our credit, and gives us the assurance that for His Son's sake we are accepted in the Beloved. Get that settled and you can take the other steps. Until that is settled you are in weakness, bondage, defeat and helplessness. So he presented his offering to the Lord as a test as to God's acceptance; that was his first stage of training. He believed the Lord a bit at that time!