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Based on Malachi 3:16-18 I believe the Lord will harken to us as we consider his word together.

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Fellowship of His Son #7   T. Austin Sparks

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He is passing by. But, but! The eternal destiny registered on this one and that one and another, until He even comes to Pontius Pilate. Pontius Pilate knows one thing, even if he doesn't recognise all the issues, he knows one thing: that his destiny is in the balances of this Man, Jesus of Nazareth. He wriggles and writhes to get out of this predicament. He makes his decision and has gone down in history as wrong. Jesus passed his way. It was an eternal crisis. So it was with all these, and so it is, for He is still passing on. He is still coming on. He is still in that course from eternity with God and precipitating this issue of fellowship with Himself.

Now about the involvement of the call. If you go over again these lives that I have mentioned again, Abraham, Moses, and the others to the apostles and on since then to ourselves, the involvement. What is the involvement of any kind of contact with the Lord Jesus? This week in this place, with us; shall we believe that He has come this way? I cannot but believe that, the devil tried to prevent it. Oh, what a battle! Is it because Jesus of Nazareth is passing by? Come to Wabanna this week? God from eternity is moving and taking us in His stride. Is that it? Will you believe it? If so, there is an involvement in this contact with His Son. And if you look at these lives, you will see that the involvement worked out in this way: it was, first of all, a demand for changing position.