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Based on Malachi 3:16-18 I believe the Lord will harken to us as we consider his word together.

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Right standing with GOD #10   T. Austin Sparks

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Now do you see what Christendom has tried to do? The Roman church was the beginning of this: setting up a temporal, earthly order of Christianity with an earthly city, with an earthly system, a system of priests and ritual and all these things; an earthly system of government, so that it is a temporal government and how terrible it has been! Rome dominates all those who belong to it and has sought to dominate this whole world on a temporal basis.

Well, perhaps you don’t agree with that, you in this country would not have that! But you know, that kind of thing has come into all Christianity. Do you notice that the development of Christianity has become more and more an earthly thing? The buildings; they’re earthly things! The orders of the church are earthly things. Christians are always trying to organize something on this earth, trying to bring something here into this world that you can see with your natural eyes and will impress you with Christianity by what you can see, a big organization here.

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And then from the general thing to the particular: there is a great movement going on to try and form New Testament churches. Everywhere there is this effort to form churches, to form churches on a New Testament basis. In other words: to imitate the New Testament. Do you know all imitation is artificial? You cannot imitate the original! All your imitation will be artificial. This is a very great mistake: trying to form New Testament churches.

The apostles never tried to form churches! Think about that. “Oh!” you say, “But they did! They went everywhere forming churches!” That is just where everybody is mistaken. Churches were born, they were not made. They were not turned out of a factory; they were born out of heaven. They were not made by man’s hands; they were begotten by the Spirit of God. They were not by man’s intention, but by the spontaneous action of the Spirit of God.