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Based on Malachi 3:16-18 I believe the Lord will harken to us as we consider his word together.

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Vision and Vocation #5   T. Austin Sparks

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Was there ever a Sign more glorious and mighty than that cross, - in the heavens, in hell, and on the earth?

So our Master came to the end, and said: "For their sakes I consecrate Myself. For their sakes I give Myself unto the full consecration; and that consecration is the cross; and I am willing to be made a 'Spectacle' to men, demons and angels, for their sakes." The Lord wants us to be Signs. One says this with bated breath, knowing little of what it means, but knowing also that His Grace is sufficient. Beloved, He is just seeking to gather a company of people together of whom He can make a Sign, not only of suffering and affliction, but of Power and Glory, to show to others His Wisdom, His Might, His Sovereignty, His Grace. Will you say on those terms, on that ground: "I am the Lord's." "At Thy feet I fall; to suffer, live or die, for my Lord crucified"? This is what it means to be His witnesses. "Ye are my witnesses" - it does not mean going out and talking; it means the Lord working out in our lives, and others looking on, and saying: "That is the Mind of God: that is the Way of God; that is the Will of God." And as He does it, so demons learn what God is, the Glory of God, the Sovereignty of God; angels bow because of His doings in the Church, and glorify Him on our behalf.

May He lead us to give our assent and consent in a new, fresh act of abandonment and consecration individually, and as a people, for these coming days. What the Lord does will, doubtless, for a while, cost something, test us very deeply, but we shall emerge into a revelation of Himself which has not been seen by us before.