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Based on Malachi 3:16-18 I believe the Lord will harken to us as we consider his word together.

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The Spiritual clinic #9   T. Austin Sparks

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The Natural-Spiritual Case.

When this distressing condition comes within the circle of God's people the enemy is especially active to give to it spiritual implications. What terrible distress there is abroad because of inability to concentrate the mind in prayer at once! What suffering because of depression which has been interpreted by the "accuser" as being the result of sin, thus setting up a false condemnation! What ravages by reason of that other presence being given a sinister appearance, as though the evil one had been given a right over one! What anguish because of those foreign thoughts! What lost assurance of salvation; sense of being beyond pardon; questioning the whole truth and reality of the Christian faith etc., etc.!

Where shall we begin to help such afflicted ones?

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First of all let us say to all the Lord's people that in this realm we have one of the most serious warnings against living the Christian life in the realm of the soul instead of in the spirit. It would seem that the enemy would facilitate such "Christianity" to a tremendous degree. The mental, emotional, and volitional engrossment in "spiritual" things apart from or beyond a true Holy Spirit energising will bring its own Nemesis, and the end may be despair.

"The mind of the flesh is death; the mind of the spirit life and peace."

Thus we would say that what is truly of the Spirit abides and stands when all the realm of the soul (psychical nature) and body breaks down and contradicts.

Have you been truly born from above? Have you been obedient to the heavenly vision: to the light as you have had it? In failure and fall have you repentantly confessed, and done what could be done to bring forth fruit meet for repentance? Have you appealed to the efficacy of the Blood of Jesus Christ, God's Son? Have you kept short accounts with God when convicted of wrong? Then take your stand in your spirit, even against your own "soul" and body if needs be, and against all hell. Stand you upon the fact that He in Whom you have put your trust is "greater than our faith."

Then, one word more here. Keep your eyes outside. Refuse introspection, dwelling upon yourself, your condition, your feelings, your symptoms. Look not for hope in yourself. Seek no virtue in your own heart. Cease to expect any good of yourself, but remember that He is your righteousness, your surety, your acceptance with God, your merit, your Intercessor.