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Based on Malachi 3:16-18 I believe the Lord will harken to us as we consider his word together.

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The GOD of Bethel #3   T. Austin Sparks

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"Because of My house which lieth waste."

Let us hasten, however, to say that this has but a very remote connection with the empty pews of "churches" or "chapels." This is no attempt to deal directly with the present problems of "church attendance," or non-attendance, or the decline in the general religious life of the nation. The two things may be and probably are related, but we do not begin at that end.

It is of the greatest importance that we very early in our consideration get clear of some false mentality as to what the house of the Lord is in the mind of God, and as to the dispensation in which we live.

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   We would again point out the tremendous difference between an appraisement of any great truth of Scripture by an intellectual process and that truth coming as a revelation from God by the Holy Spirit to the heart. Some of us have had our lives entirely revolutionised by the latter even after we had known and preached all the same truth for years. It is not the difference in the substance of the truth, but it is the difference between the head and heart, between intellect and the Holy Spirit; which is all the difference between death and life, labour and inspiration, man and God. The one is arrived at through study; the other through spiritual experience. The question naturally arises, how can one come to the latter position? The answer is that first of all there must be a deep and desperate exercise concerning the need for it. It must be a matter of life and death, that or nothing. Not just a quest for power, influence, usefulness, a blessing, but the honour and glory of God being so much involved that nothing less than His absolute and utter and best can possibly be accepted. This must be accompanied by a willingness to pay the price and go all the way whatever the cost. Then finally there must be a definite transaction with the Lord in an understanding that He takes in hand the bringing of one there by any necessary means or way.

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The Person of the Lord Jesus.

The meaning of the Cross.

The Nature and Purpose of the Church which is His Body - the House of God.

It is quite pertinent to ask those who speak of these things, has it come to you by revelation of the Holy Spirit?

Now having said so much by way of approach, we are ready to return and see something of what the House of God is as represented in germ in Genesis 28, where Jacob's vision is recorded.

We gather up the elements and leave the fuller consideration of them for the later chapters.