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Android Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 366925 views.
Deb (DebJenk)

From: Deb (DebJenk)


Hi there, I play as Deb in the game. My id# a622784. Am looking forward to meeting new friends and getting around the new forum. You all did an amazing job setting it up. Thank you for your hard work. My name here is DebJenk.

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Sending on Behalf of LoopyKaren

Hi all im loopykaren from the midnight castle forum

my daughter has not long started and shes on android and shes looking for 

friends shes not sure of forums and stuff her name is shannon and her code 

is a994633 im playing on pc so i cant help her so thx in advance.

CC to loopykaren
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Jules (Jues1102)

From: Jules (Jues1102)


I have 3 games on android and I will add you

RHTC a660600

JW a426861 but on break cuz kindle acting up

Jules a301417


From: Jaclyn01234


There is not very many people on here but I need some friends. If anyone wants to they can add me. I'm Jaclyn and my code is: a9955209


From: chilpep



    Check out the Android Master List.  You can click on the names and PM people asking if they would like to be a friend.


From: Wolfheze



I have 2 games on Android and I'm looking for new friends on low levels I can craft items for to help them advance in their game. I'm almost maxed out, so I figured this could be a new challenge. Playing the puzzels for the inventory needed etc.

I also have lots of foods and airship items in my second game - come get them.

If you are interested, send me a pm.

Ps: if you fill all your gift slots with eggs, I will dump you. I don't mind giving away eggs, but just don't have enough of them to supply several friends on a daily basis. 


From: chilpep


Would love to friend you but play on PC.  This is a great place however, for you to post.  I'm sure you will receive a lot of friend requests.