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Android Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 376726 views.

From: Gardenbird


I was half way through a message and it threw me out.  I'll start again.

I have been playing exactly one year, started 23/3/20 the day lockdown started in the UK.  You were my first friend apart from John, so I think of you with affection for being no. 1.  I try to gift 3 times a day and have 60 friends who ask for gifts, which mean I get round to everyone about every 4 days.  Not always. My 70 friends have just turned up. I think I only invited about 15 of them but they all tend to stay, which is fine by me. I delete the red dot friends every now and then but then others turn up, so I do hover between 60 -  70 friends,  I don't think I want too many more. The CE I had nearly 100 and I just couldn't get round all the rooms,   I don't look at the forum on a regular basis, it's mostly only when I have a question or want to find some info. that I log in. 



From: lilredhood51


i never thought about doing that. my last tablet fell on the floor and blew up. apparently it hit just right causing the battery to explode. i will start taking screen shots of my game on  regular basis. when i did get my game back from elephant i did have everything back that i had and then some. they gave me back more gold that i had.  and lots more pet food too. elephant game takes care of their players

lilredhood51 said:

apparently it hit just right causing the battery to explode

Holy smokes!


From: RBL37


WoW! That's terrible!! Thankfully my destruction was a little less eventful but stressful nonetheless. My whole life was on that tablet so we'll see - it's going in to get "evaluated" today to see if anything is salvageable. Fingers crossed, once I get a new one or resurrect the old one I'll get everything squared away. It gives me hope as they were able to restore yours. I did the screenshots as a backup just so I could keep track. I had just purchased diamonds too so thankfully that's on there. In the beginning it just bothered me that so many said they lost everything! I've played this off & on for 4 years and get nauseated at the thought of starting over... L

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Myelle (Myelle01)

From: Myelle (Myelle01)


I lost a game then got it back under a new ID. Now, I need friends to play with. I don’t have access to my lost game and I don’t remember who my friends were on that game. Come play with me at a1390977. I promise to have the seasonal rooms up and to gift when I can.


From: missihMC


Hi Android players!  I had to get a new kindle.  My game name is the same: missih but my ID is a1391724.

Because I lost my entire friends list, I'm happy to get any new requests.  Thank you!

Have fun in the castle,



From: DorceAn


I just sent a friends request, have a new android tab A and need friends.

Am trying to add my name to the friends list here but havent figured out how to do that yet.


From: DorceAn


I just sent you a friends request. Ive been playing for years but have just gotten an android tab A and have no friends.

Not on the master friends list for androids but am for PC


From: Grandy909


I'm trying to figure it out, too. I'm a1378952 and in need of friends. I would appreciate any friend requests.



From: Erin7770


I'll friend you. I just re downloaded my android game, and all of my friends are gone. My number is a1098806.