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Android Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 237260 views.
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Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


I have too many android games so I am cutting down the number to three from five. The three games will be Wendy, Fred and Cutiepie.

I transferred one to a new device(a1123056)-moveEventfriendCleanout and have kept going and transferring inventory, I finally took its  wishlist down will change it to the fall room before I do away with it completly.

The other four are Wendy1. Fred, Cutiepie and Pretty2.  Pretty2 has no meaning so I have decided to consoldate Pretty2 and wendy1 under the old pretty2 game. Wendy1 was my mothers  game and has meaning. Pretty2 is how Wendy. Wendy1 is now (movednow-a1348188. 

Cutiepie and Fred have meaning as well they are my new  cats names.  They were my mothers last birthday present after one of our 15 year old cats died , and she named them. After the spring event Fred will be transferred to a new device, and get a new game number.

The device Wendy1 and Fred are on is/was and 70 dollar cheapy tablet and is is showing it cheapness.

I am having same problems. Just lost whole game again. Lost all friends. Was all the way waiting for next update. It is way past frustrating. New # a1397174. New friends appreciated!

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From: Anharion



I play as Aeysha (with the odd note sometimes added)  a1375560 & need a few more friends.

Having looked back a little on this thread I've sent invites to :-

Riidler Myelle missih Grandy Janna DorceAn Grandma

I usually play 3 times a day & currently have 18 friends - not all green or with wishlists so can gift all in a day. With a few more I will try to gift everyone in turn although if someone wants something special for an event/challenge task then I will try to help them in preference.

If there is anyone else please send me an invite.

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Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


To all friends of Wendy, Fred and CutiPie on Android, thank you for all the gifts during the spring event.. I am taking a wish list break now that the spring event is over. everyone was so generios  that I need time to gift everybody back.

Thanks for including me as a friend. Still searching for more friends if only for events on Android. New number is a1397174. Thanks...Grandma.

From: RBL37


Hey Moonki- RBL here. My new # is a1393879. I finally got a new tablet myself and have sent you another friend invite even though you can't respond right now. Unfortunately for some reason MC was not able to find my full game to reload it so I lost most of everything because they could only pull me up to an earlier chapter. I don't even want to think about it. But I'm glad to be back and hope you will be able to return soon too. Take Care, L


From: RBL37


Hi Aeysha! So fun seeing you back in my game again. My situation is still not entirely figured out (they can't find my current game - only an earlier level) but at least I'm able to play again. Have a good week, L  


From: Moonki


Thanks. As soon as I get my tablet fixed - it’s a new tablet so I don’t understand the clutch - I’ll get back to you. Moonki


From: Anharion


Glad you're back RBL37, shame you lost levels etc.  & thanks for inviting me again as a friend. I must remove your old game from my friends so I don't get confused - easily done these days confusedgrin

Cambio48 (Kambio)

From: Cambio48 (Kambio)


Cambio  -  game name     Need my friends back...

old id:     a643700

NEW id:    a1399551

my game has been transferred to a new tablet and will be searching to get my friends back....  Thank you