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Android Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 369791 views.

From: achristine72


I transfered my game from my Android phone to my tablet. I got to keep everything but my friends. I would appreciate if anyone would send me an invite. My friend ID is a1416726


From: Moonki


I’ll send you an invite. I play as Windki. Moonki

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From: Moonki


I cannot seem to invite you to my android game. Please send me an invite and I’ll friend you. I play as Windki and should be on the android master list. Moonki


From: Woofbite


For some reason you don't show up on search either.


From: LvlSlgr


The Golden Keys are used in your Private Room. The following is from the MC Game Guide by AEGram.

Inside, if you click on the “off” button at the bottom, you will see “slots” that can be unlocked for various amount of Golden Keys. 

You can learn more about Trina and the Private Room here -

MC Game Guide [midnightcastle 109.36] (


From: Mara1022


Sent friend invite.  Thanks.



From: Mara1022


I sent a friend invite.  Thanks.


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Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


To all my Friends. I have two pc games and three Android games.  Five games is to many to manage. I am dropping down One on Pc and two on Android.  I currently have three android games. I have- Fred( A1397141)-Wendy(A1348188)and Cutiepie. I am combing Fred(a1397141) and Wendy(A1348188). I have already stated  transferring inventory from Fred(A1397141) To Wendy and CutiePie.   Wendy name will be changed to Fred and the Original Fred will be a lost game. All Three games will run through the spring event. I will be taking down Fred's( A1397141) wish list tonight but will still be gifting from the game till all inventory is gone. I will still accept Spring event friends for FRED. If you are friends on Fred(A1397141) But not Wendy(A1348188) or Curiepie(A1283792) please send them a friends request, all requests accepted.


From: CDB (CDBD)


I am friends with all of your games in both android and PC. I agree with you on the having too many games to handle. Especially can be challenging during the events or castle challenges. I would like to take this opportunity to let friends of CD and CD #2 know that I will be having surgery on my neck next Monday morning. This will most likely take me out of the game for a few weeks. I won't be able to bend or turn my neck until the doctor says it's okay. Hoping that the spring event doesn't start until closer to Easter, and that I have recovered enough to enjoy playing again. 

Thanks CDB 


From: Izzywizzy12


I have lost players as well.  I play as Belle and my number is a1354653 Andi would love to hear fom you.....and any others if possible.