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Android Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 419849 views.
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Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


My game oldfred-a1397141 is gone. When I went to start the tablet this morning (August 16, 2023), it no longer would work. Oldfred is on the first anniversary room.  The room is playable. It has been an event only/gifting game since it was moved to a new tablet.  Fred and CutiePie are good. all My wish lists are down till August 17, 2023, to make sure all updates are good.

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~J (amsavs)

From: ~J (amsavs)


So I only have a handful of friends right now that are active. 

Just know that I don't login everyday. 

So if you're OK with that, add me a1401459


From: Chuckter21


I can't seem to add you 

I'm a1489334 x

Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


My Android games are, CutiePie is A1283792, and Fred is A1348188. Accepting all friends.

I have started newCutiepie(A1491389) I have the game up to level 14 and climbing. Have started to invite all friends from CutiePie and Fred. Sent a request to big fish and Elephant games., have not heard back from either one.  I will change CutiePie(a1283792) old CutiePIe  and take down its wish list on Tuesday.  the game will remain active for event play till the device dies just like old Fred did. After the event I will drop the new, From New CutiePie. 

CutiePie has been transferred, took around 24 hours from the time i got the email to the time the game actually transferred.  CutiePie(A1491389 is now at level 79.  oldCutiepie(A1283792) will remain for events until the device stops working. ANY FRIENDS WHO DID NOT HAVE ONE OF THE ANNIVERSERY ROOMS OPEN HAVE BEEN DELETED FROM ALL GAMES!

My old code is 814292, can't access this one

My new code on my tablet is 


Msg 10.654 deleted

My laptop quit working so I couldn't access my save file. I recently was able to get my game progress transferred to my Android Tablet so I lost all my friends.

My new code is a1491474

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From: Moonki


Hi Android users; I have a new tablet and after this event will ask Elephant games to transfer my game from my old tablet to it.  I don’t want to addd friends to the old game, but hopefully soon to the new game. Moonki


From: DobieMom



Once again I have had to replace my Kindle Fire Tablet due to charging port failure.  I have lost all of my friends and stupidly didn't take a screenshot so I don't know who they are now.

My player name is 1TenNin.  My previous 2 friend codes are as follows:  a1379300 as of 1-29-21 and a1022183 prior to that.  If you have any of those friend codes or would like to add me as a new friend, my new friend code is a1493846 as of 9-29-23.

Thanking you in advance!


From: BethCavin


I am "newish" to this AMAZING game! I'm now at lvl 24....but I have no friends!!!!!

Please add me if you would like a friend that is completely addicted and plays DAILY!!

Friend code: a1493958