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Calling all Millionaires!    Achievements and Musings

Started 4/19/18 by LadyAstra; 95515 views.

From: KatieAn56


Made it to  9 million coins!!!


From: Moonki


Hi Katie; Congratulations!  I just made 2 million coins - I never could have without all the kind people on the forum who friended me and ave such great help. I love the kitten who appeared when I touched the curtain, and the remark that appeared. I also liked the sea monster who appeared on the steps. I would never have found them by myself, so thanks to all . 


From: KatieAn56


Thank you. Congratulations to you, too Moonki. Without our giving, kind, helpful friends, whether it be gifts under our Christmas tree, helping fulfill our wishlist or opening their rooms for us to rack up on inventory and coins, this game would not be as much fun. Have fun in the castle!!

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Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Yippee!!!  With the help of the Winter Event, 2 of my games are now over the 1 million mark - DotJ is almost 1,300,00 while my Kelli Jo game is 1,075,000.   My Ree game is about 30,000 coins short of the 1 million mark. 

I never thought I would ever get any of my games to this stage.  With 5 games and a busy 'real life', I can't always play the rounds in my games.  Then along comes an update and the total goes down.  Hoping that now I have made the mark, I don't slip  back.  That 5 million mark is a long, long way away.

Congrats to all millionaires! 


From: KatieAn56


WOO HOO! Way to go Dot!