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MC Game Guide   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 4/19/18 by AEGram; 160891 views.
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From: AEGram


Pinfeathers - Helma, the Shaman Outcast (14 tasks) & Ludwig Milton, Skeleton Knight (13 tasks)
Helma - Visit Ancient Lantern & Go to Wine Cellar
Helma - Amber Tree (6700) & See what's in Stone Garden
Helma - Look near Tom Thumb & Check Underbridge
Helma - Find something in Demon's Feast & Look at Elegant Birdhouse
Helma - Go to Warrior Fountain & Reaper's Scythe (1500)
Helma - Look at Sack & Visit Lurking Chimera
Helma - Go to Wooden Face & Look in Attic
Helma - Visit Jewel Stand & Look around in Abandoned Tambourine
Helma - Hurry to Water Cascade & Fortune-Telling Set (6400)
Helma - Help in Stacked Books & Fire Elemental (10 tasks)
Fire Elemental - Visit Winged Statue & Go to Meditation Platform
Fire Elemental - Faithful Friend (6000) & See what's inside Pumpkins
Fire Elemental - Look in Bremen Musicians & Go near Stargazer Tower
Fire Elemental - Look in Stage of the Fallen & Go near Fading Lantern
Fire Elemental - Go to Clock Tower & Grim Cup (no coin)
Fire Elemental - Look at Hatch to Underworld & Visit Horned Shield
Fire Elemental - Visit Archer Statue & Tidy up Submerged Treasure
Fire Elemental - Visit Mountain Spring & Look in Tree of Sorrow
Fire Elemental - Hurry to Weeping Face & Melancholy Medallion (6850)
Fire Elemental - You're needed at Wisdom Source & Look around Eye of the Skull
Helma - Search Pond of Forgotten Reflections & Look in Arsenal
Helma - Go to Unique Dishes & Check Handwrought Cart
Helma - Go to Bench of Relaxation & Check North Shield
Helma - Examine Ghostly Stables & Look into Stolen Souls
Ludwig - Visit Book of Knowledge & Look around Cauldron
Ludwig - Look at Tool Cabinet & Final Battle (1000)
Ludwig - Go to Food Stall & Set off to Treasure Pile
Ludwig - Necklace of Crystal Tears (7200)* & Look at Skull Chandelier
*Open: Runic Mural (9500), Open: Crystal Throne (8900), and Open: Pile of Offerings (9000) to get items to craft Necklace of Crystal Tears
Ludwig - Look in Living Chest & Visit Bone King Statue
Ludwig - Go to Minecart & Visit Pile of Skulls
Ludwig - Look at Waltzing Couple & Immortal Greed (2500)
Ludwig - Visit Theater Cloakroom & Go to Medicine Cabinet
Ludwig - You're needed at Witch's Stove & Incense Set (8000)
Ludwig - Look at Notice Board & Visit Imprisoned Vampire
Ludwig - Check Time Keeper & Visit Sphere of Souls
Ludwig - Dragon Tamer (8300) & Look in Tapestries and Flags 
Ludwig - Go to Exotic Beast & Go to Armory

Pinfeathers - Nala (13 tasks)              "A Play of Elements"
Nala - Visit Flaming Breath & Look at Palace Guard
Nala - Look at Fallen Chandelier & Giant's Fury (1000)
Nala - Go to Magpie Nest & Set off to Adora's Manuscripts

Cost Level 110 = 82,850
Stamps: 22 Plain, 34 Unusual, 38 Rare, 23 Unique

In reply toRe: msg 233

From: AEGram


Nala - Ring of High Hope (7300) & Visit Yak Skull
Nala - Look at Northern Emblem & Visit Iron Maiden
Nala - Go to Animal Totems & Visit Ritual Bonfire
Nala - Look around Lavafall Dragon & Refreshing Seal (7200)
Nala - Look at Last Abode & Go to Tentacles Out
Nala - Visit Ship Model & Translucent Staff (6800)
Nala - Search Arbor of thoughts & Visit Code of Unbreakable Rules
Nala - Look around Planter & Visit Red Riding Hood
Nala - I've invented a new spell! I just need to figure out what it does. Come back later.    2071/8880

Cost Level 111 (so far) = 21,300
Stamps: 0 Plain, 31 Unusual, 15 Rare, 0 Unique

This brings us up to date with all of the character quests. When new game content is released, I will erase this post and continue with the Level 111 character quests .... 

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