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MC Game Guide   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 4/19/18 by AEGram; 221440 views.
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From: AEGram


Knight - Watch Sharpening Stone & Look inside Speleologist's Backpack
Knight - Artifact of Elements (8000) & Seek Silver Yak 
Knight - Gaze upon Forgotten Idol & Get news from Pagoda
Knight - Look in Treasure Pile & Check Yak Skull
Knight - Go to Skull Chandelier & Peace Pipe (7500) 

Pinfeathers - Innkeeper "Salty" Took (5 tasks)
Innkeeper - Check Chained Prince & Get warm at Forge Furnace
Innkeeper - Incense Set (8000) & Visit Abandoned Yurt
Innkeeper - Peek at Altitude Marker & Respect Deceased Miner
Innkeeper - Approach Ritual Bonfire & Look in Wooden Bellows
Innkeeper - Visit Lavafall Dragon & Ring of High Hopes (7300) 

Pinfeathers - Gabrielle (5 tasks) -- Gabrielle is in Throne Room instead of Young Chamberlain
Gabrielle - Stand beneath Tree of Sorrow & Enter Buffalo Wigwam
Gabrielle - Refreshing Seal (7200) & Wait at Meditation Platform
Gabrielle - Go to Stolen Souls & Visit Ghostly Feast
Gabrielle - The adventure will continue in a future update!          4286/9280

Cost Level 116 (so far) = 38,000 coins
Stamps: 30 Plain, 36 Unusual, 35 Rare, 0 Unique

This brings us up to date with all of the character quests. When new game content is released, I will erase this post and continue with the Level 116 character quests .... 
As always, I plead, beg, implore players to use the Comments and Questions thread in this section to post any comments or ask questions. Comments thread is located here: