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IOS Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 341352 views.

From: spiritlilly


I sent you an invite 13firedragon.  I play as Audacious Ambrosia or AA if I add a message to my name.  I only had about 30 active friends if that, only about five that were on daily.  During the fall event I found there were only about 7 players that had their room available.  I found this thread for iOS friends and I went all the way back to page 1 and scavenged all the friend codes I could find.  I now have about 115 active friends.  I actually had to turn my gifts off because I couldn’t keep up with returning gifts back.  I now gift alphabetically.  If you do the very time consuming task of going through all pages and recording all the codes and then add them all on Midnight Castle, I promise it definitely pays off!  Now, most days I do not even have time to search all of my friends rooms.  Good luck!


From: spiritlilly


Hi Pammy,

The reason players switch rooms is because you obtain different seasonal items from the different rooms.  The eggs for the new pets will only be found in the hidden object scene in the new seasonal room.  I do switch back and forth daily around 9AM EST.  I hope this helps you. 

Tennco (carlyMC)

From: Tennco (carlyMC)


I think i had you as a friend on your old game i will send you an invite. Carly

Greyfox (Woakus)

From: Greyfox (Woakus)


Greetings!  GreyFox here. Looking for a few more good friends. Over the past some of my friends have dropped out of the Castle. Time to bolster up my friend list. I am at level 102, and have been playing MC since near the beginning. Love this game. I look forward to new friends!

PLEASE NOTE: My request for new friends was very successful! Plenty of friends for now.  Thanks to all who sent invitations.


From: DevilinWales



i have sent you an invite to my number 2 game which is i2398870 as happy to add more friends to this game as have lots of RED icons which if still red in 2021 I will have to delete

look forward to seeing you on my friends list


Hey there my friend:blush

Have the same issue...but with Covid and all the software glitches...have been more patient. Will look at my list in 2021 to trim also.

Happy Holidays, stay safe!santainnocent

Greyfox (Woakus)

From: Greyfox (Woakus)


Greetings! Been thinking about you out there in LA county. Hope you are well, and coping. I am fine here in Vermont. Take care, and thanks for all you do. Gary


From: RiverLady55


Yes and thank you. It’s lovely to be back


From: misstracy22



Do you have room for another friend? I’ve sent an invite, please ignore if you don’t want any more. 
My name is Tracy and I’m one of the consortium members. 
I look forward to seeing you in the castle.

Happy Christmas.

Hugs Tracy bear


From: Flootie


Hi, my player name is Shroomie and have sent an invite.

Best wishes