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IOS Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 628910 views.

From: Cecilia28


Thanks Kate. I always feel bad taking gifts and not being able to return them. I also make a point of the Christmas gifts, but that never seemed to be enough to cover what I was given during the year.

I might have to change that mindset. I don’t have many friends that are at lower levels, but I will prioritise them when I get gifts from others who have nothing in their wish list.



From: KatieAn56



You're very welcome.  I am only at level 66 as I have postponed leveling up in order to build my inventory.  That's why I am so glad the people on this forum are very helpful with their tips and advice, as well as A E Gram's guides, so I will know what to expect as I level up.  I had to change my mindset on the gifting as well.  I kept a list when I did have a wishlist so I could return gifts but not all my friends had a wishlist.

 I wish we could gift rooms in all the events.  I agree, gifting at Christmas will never completely return all the help I received, but I like to think I am paying it forward when I can. 



From: datsalotta


Hey Spiffy nibblets (*!*)

just sent you an invite

Welcome to the Spring Fun


Hi, Rita - I've been away for a couple of weeks myself but I have just now sent you an invitation for when you're back.  Enjoy your time with your mum!

~Catherine (Consortium)


From: RITA965


Hi Catherine,

Hope you enjoyed your time away…still with mom until the end of August but, at 95, she is doing great and still a pistol! Able to spend some time here on the forum, AEGram had been an awesome help connecting me with the INDEX to clean up and dust off some of my old MC files. Will organize them when I get back home…nice to hear from you and enjoy your journey wherever it may take you :-)


From: willjohn


I want to play too.... have can i do but i dont know that have no time!

Ree (simiam1)

From: Ree (simiam1)


I've lost my old account and have started over. Im looking for friends.     My number is i2839347. If you have room for a new friend invite me please. Thsnks all. 

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


invite sent from Twinkle.

TLB2 will send later.

Linda62 (Kingo62)

From: Linda62 (Kingo62)


Hi Simiam1.

I’ve sent you an invite from both games.

Happy gaming.



From: Moonki


Hi Simiam1; I tried to send you an invite and cannot. My game keeps saying no such person and that I have no friends. Actually I play on iOS as Suzanne and on android as windki. Get my I’d from the iOS master list and send me an invite and I’ll accept. Moonki