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Meet the furry family   Fletcher's Tea Room and Bar

Started 4/19/18 by Kattlyn Raven (cindykat325); 111398 views.

From: SharpEye1


Thank you, my friend!  The first time I saw her do it, I thought it was hilarious. heart_eyesheart_eyes_cat

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TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


I'd like to suggest a tip I have seen for pets that get snow balls on their hair when they go running through the snow.

Easy removal.- a kitchen whisk! Lightly rub the whisk over the snow balls and they fall right off. Better than trying to rub them off with a towel

I have tried it. And I am impressed that it works so well.

Try it!

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From: Grimwald


Hey, feeling a little down this afternoon. We just put our last cat to sleep today (introduced recently in another thread as Salem's sister). Her birthday was yesterday. She was 19 years old. If anyone wants to see a picture of a fat brown tabby, I'll try to find one.


So sorry to hear that.  It is always hard to say goodbye to a much loved furry family member. 


From: SharpEye1


Oh, I'm so sorry!  But, 19 is a nice long life for a cat.  I know she's at The Rainbow Bridge with all our furry family members.  Keeping you in y prayers!  



From: katiek2


Aww, so hard to do.  She had a good long life, but we always want them to stay around longer, don't we. 

Rest well, kitty.  


From: misstracy22


Oh I’m so sorry. It is dreadful to loose such a close furry friend after so long. Keep your happy memories in your heart and soul. 
Load of hugs are sent to you and all those who need them in your family. 

Hugs, Tracy 

So sorry for your loss. 


From: mdpetdoc


So sorry for your loss. I'd love to see a picture of your fat brown tabby girl. 

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Saw this on my local paper's website and it made me smile, thought I'd share......................

Chipmunk Gets So Jealous When His Favorite Girl Talks To Other Chipmunks | The Dodo Wild Hearts

Charlie the chipmunk and Borjana have a special bond. They even have the same beauty mark. Charlie responds to exactly what she tells him, and gets SO jealou...

It actually reminded me of my friendship with a chipmunk. Back in 2006 my co-workers and I went on strike against our employer (long story, won't get into it). A few weeks into the strike I was in the alley behind the building manning the picket line when I noticed a chipmunk. I started to leave food for it. It would come and fill up his? cheeks and then take off, and would come back for more. I began bringing sunflower seeds (others would donate to the cause) and I decided to name him Hoover because he "sucked up" the seeds like a vaccum cleaner. Over the next couple days he would get closer and closer until finally he jumped in my lap. Our strike lasted 74 days I spent a lot of those days in the alley with Hoover. I don't know what happened to him after the strike but he should've had enough food stored up to last him quite awhile. I'm sure he wondered where his meal ticket went to...........LOL. Oh by the way Hoover has been replaced in the alley by a family of bears that like to dig through the dumpsters the last few years. No I haven't tried to feed or make friends with them.