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Started 4/19/18 by AEGram; 72692 views.

From: mdpetdoc


OK. So what's new is Professor Pinfeathers telling us to look for interactives. Thanks.

 Here  is the picture, I hope this helps   - sorry I can not get the picture any better

We received the same message during the Anniversary Event 


From: oiuoiu321


Interesting!  I thought that that was just for the Anniversary Event, but now I know better.

MaryCricket (Wisp1463)

From: MaryCricket (Wisp1463)


I thought so too but when I went to one of the area and click on it after the event was over , I thought wow these interactive are here to stay and anyone who starts out in the game will receive a popup from Pinfeathers about these interactive around the castle at level 7, ( I found this out when I started a new game) 

I wanted AEGram to add this to her MC guide


From: AEGram


MaryCricket (Wisp1463) said:

I received a message from Prof. Pinfeathers  Prof. Pinfeathers: “Speaking of secrets, keep an eye out for fun, new surprises around the castle while you explore – they may be hidden where you least expect them ! The knight statues at the Castle Gates were just the beginning” ) This is the level that we get  the interactives around the castle  - which was introduced during the Anniversary Event  After  that I received a message of a little helper ( Pet)

Message 7 in the MC Game Guide has been modified to add this info to the significant milestones list.

In reply toRe: msg 202

From: AEGram


For those who are interested, the following threads have been updated to include the new material relative to the Winter Event 2019:

Achievements - All of them

Avatars - When Unlocked

Pets - How you get them

Crystal;P (12earth45)

From: Crystal;P (12earth45)



thank you for your extensive lists!

question: with pets. The  Timid Stoat requires eggs from Xmas HOS, as Holiday Sphinx requires red yarn .

When you craft the pet, will the eggs and yarn still be available through those HOS? 

I think they will be , just want to be sure.


From: AEGram


Yes, they will be....I've crafted both pets and I have over 60 of the Snow White Egg and over 80 of the Red Yarn Ball......and we still have over 40 days remaining in the event.

I expect to have several hundred of each in excess by event's end.

Crystal;P (12earth45)

From: Crystal;P (12earth45)


Thank you... helping with consortium this yearsantasnowflakesnowman

In reply toRe: msg 206

From: AEGram


Just a note to all......

Parts of the MC Game Guide has been revised.

The first few posts have been completely re-written, and many of the sections have had a "face lift" to either (hopefully) better explain something or make the information more current.

The character quests have not been changed/altered......but, the narrative about the Exclusive Pets/Side Quests/Destiny Keys that was inserted just before Level 69 has had some minor changes.