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Comments & Questions   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 4/19/18 by AEGram; 71968 views.

From: AEGram


WildOneN3w said:

I'd just like to know how to purchase Pet Medallions! The reason,... I'm working on Achievements,

One can only purchase Pet Medallions when they totally run out of them.'s a strategy I followed:

1. When CCs, and DQs say to craft something.....ALWAYS craft Simple Pet Food. That will use up Pet Medallions as well as count toward Food Frenzy (crafting up to 1000 pet foods)

2. As you craft the pet food, you are diminishing your Pet Medallions (while not just wasting them by selling or disenchanting them).......BUT, you're also getting a few back when you complete portions of the DQs.

3. Eventually, you will totally run out of Pet Medallions and need to purchase some to craft the Simple Pet Food for your CC or may have 3 left in inventory, so you would purchase 2 to complete the crafting of 1 bag. The Pet Medallions only cost 1 diamond each --- the cheapest thing to buy in the game.

4. Purchasing the Pet Medallions serve multiple purposes........ gives you extra food for your pet fulfills portions of a DQ or CC counts toward MULTIPLE achievements:  Pet Prepared (collecting Pet Medallions), Food Frenzy (crafting pet food) AND Market Master (buy items)


From: LvlSlgr


WildOneN3w said:

I searched far and wide (Yahoo, Google, Bing)

Hello WildOneN3w ... I just wanted to add if you have a question about the game, come to this forum and ask. Someone here (usually more than one "someone") will have the answer or be able to point you in the right direction.


From: WildOneN3w


Thank you for the prompt reply. You have answered my question


From: AEGram


You're welcome, WildOneN3w .... glad I was able to help.

Also......The remaining 2 threads: Coins/Shard...Item Values and Crafted Items - Coin & Shard Values have been updated. 

Both of these are linked to the INDEX thread (first thread in this folder). They are listed in that INDEX thread as: Standard Item Values - Coin/Shard and Crafted Item Values - Coin cost and Sale Value in Coin/Shard, respectively.

As posted earlier, there are pdf and xls file formatted attachments to post #14 of the Crafted items thread. They give comprehensive Lab/Craft item info: coins and stamps to craft, all other components to craft, coins received when selling, and shards received when disenchanting. 

Those files have been sent to Jenifer and she will be attaching them as soon as she checks her mail and has time to replace the old files with the new ones. Check the edited date when deciding to view the files.....the new ones will have a date of February 27, or later.

Also, relative to those files....I've enhanced the format for them. The headings will now freeze on the top of the screen when you scroll through the Excel file. And they will print on each page. The pdf file displays the headers on each page. ...... Both files have been changed to landscape format instead of profile. If you choose to print the document/file, it will require a few more pages, but the print will not be so small. This should make them much easier to read and use.

With all threads updated, I'll probably be checking the forum less often...If someone sends me a PM, please be patient waiting for my reply because I may not see/read it on the day you send it.

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


You are amazing!blush

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From: AEGram


With the beginning of a new CC, there are 3 new avatars available.

The Avatars - When Unlocked thread has now been updated to include the addition of the most recent 3.

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From: katiek2


A little piece of advice:

ALWAYS check the status of the pet you're about to feed before you feed it.  I just lost more than 500 diamonds because I was so excited about feeding my special pets in order to get more airship items that I didn't notice he was "resting", costing hundred of diamonds to wake up before time.

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From: CindyK65


Ouch, Kate! So sorry that happened. I try to change my pet as soon as use one, because I’ve used so many by accident when I move my iPad. I hate when I send an airship or play dice for a DQ without accepting it first. I still haven’t broke that mishap after 3 years!

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From: AEGram


The following threads have now been updated:

1. MC Game Guide …. Now includes the info from Spring Room 4 (cost to open slots and upgrades available inside)
2. Pets – How you get them …. Now includes the 2 new Spring pets
3. Avatars – When Unlocked …. Includes the 3 avatars from the 24th CC and the 3 avatars associated with the 3 new achievements
4. Achievements – All of them …. Includes the 3 new achievements created with the current SE
5. Game Interactives …. Includes the Cherry Blossom Creek in Spring Room 4 (woman moves head from side to side)

I think that covers all the threads that have been impacted with the new Spring Event. (The thread that lists all the Castle Challenges is maintained by someone else. I noticed it also has been updated)

In reply toRe: msg 221

From: AEGram


The following threads have been updated:
MC Game Guide  
1. changes to the map to include Titan Town 
2. addition to #7 bullet in the narrative about Side Quests, Exclusive Pets, and the things that go on during Level 69 (narrative included just before Level 69 quests are listed)
3. new quests added to end of Guide
Avatars – When Unlocked – the 3 new avatars for the current CC have been added at the end of the list
Game Interactions – There was only one new one that I noticed (Inside Underbridge – the statue’s eyes glow when you click on him)
Standard Item values – Coin/Shard – The 3 locations released in the February 2020 update have been moved from the Northern Islands into a section for Titan Town along with the 3 new locations released in this most current update
Crafted Item values – the 5 new to craft items (Assassin’s Pin, Melancholy Medallion, Quill of Forgotten Secrets, Restful Sleep, Shadow Warrior’s Sickle) have all been added to the list

---In addition, there is a more comprehensive lab list located on post 14 of this thread…..I will be sending updated copies to Jenifer to ask her to upload those for me….the last edit date was March 2, 2020, so when you see a new edited date, the new files will be there.
Total Game Cost – Totals Levels 97, 98, 99, and so far into 100 have been added. The total cost, total amount of each stamp listed at the end of the thread in red have also been updated
Midnight Castle Journal Pages – pages for 3 previous locations have been moved to a Titan Town section; 3 new locations just released have been added to that post 

Links to all these threads can be found on the COMPLETE INDEX – Tips, Tricks and Guides thread that is stuck at the top of the Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice folder

Also……the Excel Spreadsheet found on the first post of the HOSs and ZZs … in Excel Spreadsheet thread has been swapped out with a new one……the 3 locations given during last update have been moved out of the Northern Islands into a separate section of Titan Town with the 3 new locations we got this update. ……………..There have also been many additions to those HOSs and ZZs released in our February 2020 update as well as an item added to the Smoldering Cauldron ZZ on the Jousting Field location in the Northern Islands.

Unfortunately, that HoS and ZZ spreadsheet thread is NOT listed on the Index page….you can locate that thread here: