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Started 4/19/18 by AEGram; 102214 views.

From: SamSLB


Latest update to Level 118 to add to Items to Craft, Coins and Values (I am missing Selling Value and # of Shards):

Accurate Abacus: Cost to Craft 8500, Requires: Infinite Frame, Precise Rods, Beads of Wisdom, 15 Unusual Stamps

Book of a Thousand Truths: Cost to Craft 5000, Requires: Unfading Cover, Trusty Bookmark, Carnivorous Clasp, 15 Rare Stamps

Luminous Clock: Cost to Craft 5500, Requires: Sun Hand, Daylight Face, Bright Dial,35 Plain Stamps

Pipe of Creativity: Cost to Craft 8500, Requires Basin of Ideas, Selecting Stem, Filtering Hose, 6 Unique Stamps

Quill of History: Cost to Craft 7000, Requires Impeccable Tip, Unfading Inkwell, Feather of Order, 20 Unusual Stamps

The above listed requirements cost anywhere from 12 to 18 diamonds.


From: AEGram


Those were the new to craft items in the most recent update.

It takes time for me to go through the update, document all my notes (handwritten), organize those notes, transfer them to my computer, AND THEN get them posted to this site.

The crafted list has been modified as of a few minutes ago. 

I do my best to get the info posted as soon as I can, but I'm only human. I ask that players please be patient with me.


From: SamSLB


Thanks! Will check out the crafted list.

In reply toRe: msg 260

From: Hirento


This is a general comment on the latest update of 30 aug 2022:

The story progression or "continuation" quite strange, and I am actually a bit worried about the future of this game.

I don't want to leave spoilers, so I hid the text below in white - to read it highlight it with your mouse.

>> Suddenly the developers seem to want to gather loose ends, resolve unresolved issues and generally right all wrongs. The Chamberlain grows old again, Adrian is redeemed and appears in silvery flowing robes in the Mountain Top area, Anabel and the Warrior Knight are working on getting back together; lots of doing-good and atoning for sins happens.

And then there is all the meta-stuff - the new character the Shaper of Worlds who, along with a group of Elders, keeps the Castle with his lists and tables. He  knows who "you" [the player] are and have been watching you for a long time, he is surrounded by scenes like the HO Room of Creation, and the ZZ Bench of Recollection. And he looks like a regular guy, in a modern, Western suit and regular shoes. No fairy-tale clothes for him. Very strange.

Not to mention the final scene (for this update anyway) Promised Land, where in the background you see a very familiar Castle. As if we are looking at the Castle from the other side, seeing a stream running from the lake.

Yes, I am worried. It's as if we have come full circle, back to the Castle and now the many loose threads of the story so far is being gathered and "fixed" because everything is unbalanced. I hope this doesn't mean something is ending. <<


From: AEGram


I hadn't considered your point of view. My take was a little different .....highlight comment below if you don't mind spoilers:

1. Every "child" character was brought back to adulthood, yet the Chamberlain remained young. If they were planning to revive him from the dead (again), they should have finished the job and brought him back to his normal, older, adult self. I'm glad they finally did that.

2. Anabel and the Knight -- was a lovely love story incorporated into the workings of a Castle Mystery. It always bothered me that they were madly in love, things got a little sidelined, and they ended up on different worlds. Another incomplete story that should have been resolved in one manner or another. Either give a good reason why they will never be together, or get them back together. I don't care; but don't leave the story unfinished.

3. Drake and Adora -- This was even worse. He becomes a human to be with her and yet he ends up in the Castle while Adora stays in the East. What was the point? Plus, him becoming human instead of remaining the Wise Dragon put the Castle in danger because he could no longer protect it. Lord Chamberlain lost his life because he refused to kill Drake, so where's the payback or point? Another loose end that I'm glad they're tidying up.

4. Shaper of Worlds -- Yes, it rather annoyed me that he's dressed in contemporary clothing. This game was supposed to be a Gothic Mystery....along the way new developers were hired as the previous ones either left or were let go. (I don't know this for a fact, but the face of the game has just changed too drastically for this not to be the case.) I've said before, I believe the original developers actually played the game. But I would be very shocked if the current developers even know how to manage coins, diamonds, inventory to progress levels. They certainly don't have any "game-long" players in their company to try to explain how so many of the game changes have affected the gameplay.

Msg 118.264 deleted

added comment: 

waiting for John’s level to increase 

thanks tulip

CC to Hirento
In reply toRe: msg 265

From: AEGram


Just an update on my progress.

All of the threads have been updated except the MC Game Guide. And, I still need to send the files to TinyFaerie for her to put them in Message #14 of the Crafted Items thread.

The new character quests as well as the map info in the Guide should be there sometime this afternoon.

Lia (LiaHellas)

From: Lia (LiaHellas)


Thank you soooo much for all your effort !!!!


From: Hirento


I had almost forgotten the storyline of Drake and Adora it was so long ago. grin

To be honest, I stopped paying attention to the storytelling even before the Drake/Adora story happened - with all the people being murdered, being ghosts, getting resurrected etc I lost track (and interest). The details of the stories have these past couple of years taken a back seat (for me) compared to the stunning visuals, so I haven't really felt a need for things to be resolved.

Of course, people getting back together and resolving problems should be upbeat and optimistic. I suppose I'm  just an old curmudgeon who mistrust things  magically "working out".

>>I can't remember every detail of the dialogue with the Shaper of Worlds, but it somehow felt like I (the player) was being made responsible for whatever had gone "wrong" in the Castle. I am probably just being overly sensitive. Still, that whole sequence just feels odd. <<

Edit: >> I think the "oddness" comes from a feeling that the Shaper of Worlds- story is not so much a story IN the Midnight Castle game, not part of the game as such. But more a comment on the making of the game, and how the players use the game, so to speak. <<

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