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Started 4/19/18 by AEGram; 107412 views.

From: katiek2


No matter hard I try, I can't remember how/where to get the gift amulets to put into friends' sacks during the Winter event.  Do you know where they come from?  I've tried the HOS's with no luck and don't know where to look next.


The gift boxes drop randomly from the HOSs, you can also trade with the children for them (click the down arrow)


From: LvlSlgr


Are you referring to the pink gift boxes? Those are called "Gift for a Friend" and stored in the Stamps inventory. You earn those by doing the HOSs but they few and far between.

If you're running low, you can trade with the kids to get more.  5 items for 1 gift.

If you're referring to something different by the phrase "gift amulet" then I'm at a loss.

ETA - Look like Tammy beat me to the punch. I took longer because I was adding pictures. LOL

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From: AEGram


Thank you DoubleMsMom and LvlSlgr for answering katiek2's question.

While we were on the BF forum, Gohill did a computation for how frequently the gift boxes dropped when playing the HOSs.

I can't remember her estimate, but when others did a similar comparison, they all came up with the same average give or take a couple each direction.

I looked in my statistics listing and did the numbers for how many I received in 2022 (outside of the Christmas event) and how many HOSs I did. My average was receiving a Gift for a Friend box every 40 HOSs or so.

That said...I also remember that when I was playing the Castle HOSs over and over and over to get more of those items, I got zero boxes for about 200 HOSs in a row. When I started playing other areas, they fell very frequently...about every other one or every third one. I'm sure that was "ratio balancing" because my ultimate average was almost exactly the same as Gohill's computation.


From: LvlSlgr


AEGram said:

My average was receiving a Gift for a Friend box every 40 HOSs or so.

I think the number Gohill came up with was somewhere around 37. So you're pretty much right there. I remember tracking it for a time and I got about the same number as Gohill.


From: katiek2


Thanks for the answers y'all.  I misstated my question.  I am asking about the amulets that we gift into our friends christmas bags - where do they come from?  I am out, and so far have not received any from the HOS.  


We earn a Santa Medallion after putting a Gift for a Friend in our friend's bag/box.


From: AEGram


katiek2 said:

I am asking about the amulets that we gift into our friends christmas bags

We have no amulets we can gift to friends. The item we place in the Christmas bag in the friend's event room is a Gift for a Friend box....any you have in inventory will be on the Stamps tab.

Those come randomly when completing an HOS.....we were just discussing that a few posts up and it appears that they come on a ratio of 1 per 37-40 HOSs you complete. It's a may play many rooms and receive none or you may play some and receive several in a row. But, on average they fall at about that rate.

If you want to continue to give gifts to friends in their event room, you can trade 5 of your Christmas items you receive at HOS completion (to see which ones those on the kiddos at the Castle sure to scroll through to the end because only 4 display but there are 9 of them...Tree Trimming, Christmas Wreath, Christmas Bell, Santa Hat, Candy Cane, Festive Garland, Fir Cone, Christmas Star, Christmas Lights......When the page comes up, the Holiday Wand will be displayed. It requires 7 of the items at the bottom to get one Wand...but if you click on the dropdown next to the Wand, you will be offered to trade 5 of the items for a Gift For a Friend box.

As DoubleMsMom said in the post above this one....when you give a friend a gift, you receive a Santa Medallion. 

The Gift for a Friend boxes must be collected/secured by each player. However, the Santa Medallions can be gifted to you by friends as well as received for giving a friend a can put the Santa Medallion on your wish list.

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