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I just had to share this. Cat owners will understand.   Archives

Started 11/25/18 by Brad the Impala (OtterQueen); 5459 views.



Hello everyone! I am a happy owner of a sphynx cat. Her nickname is Dixie. I really love my cat, so I take care of her very much.
To my great surprise, recently my cat started having liver problems, although my cat eats only the best foods. I went to the vet with her and he advised us to use
Denamarin for Cats
It is a dietary supplement to help improve liver function in cats. Though it is available without a prescription, you should not use it unless recommended by a licensed veterinarian. It is given to cats who have been diagnosed with liver problems. It should not be used as a preventative measure.
Thanks to this medicine, my cat is healthy again!


From: misstracy22


So glad to hear your Dixie is getting better. Sounds like you have a very good vet too. Words of wisdom to share with other cat lovers. 
Thank you.

Take care of you and Dixie.

Tracy cat2




Thank you so much! =)


From: Moonki


Thanks for the good advice. I’ll talk to my vet. I’m glad Dixie is doing well. Moonki 


From: Ritanerk


Hello! I have a retriever, this is already 6 years old. We get along very well and love each other. I am very worried about my dog, so I try to give her vitamins that can improve her immunity and well-being.
Recently, when my dog ??became ill, I gave her
Carprofen for Dogs
It is the generic name for a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used in dogs that is in the same class as other drugs such as ibuprofen and naproxen. Some familiar brand names you may be familiar with are Rimadyl, Novox, and Quellin. This drug is not recommended for use in cats. Carprofen is also being studied to see its effectiveness in the treatment of certain cancers.
It helped me a lot in treating my dog!