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Started 4/20/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 181169 views.
Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


An Irish Painter

An Irish painter by the name of Murphy,

while not a brilliant scholar,

was a gifted portrait artist.

Over a short number of years,

as his fame grew and grew,

soon people from all over Ireland were coming to the town of Miltown in County Clare,

to get him to paint their likenesses.


One day,

a beautiful young English woman arrived at his house in a stretch limo

and asked if he would paint her in the nude. 


This being the first time anyone had made such a request,

he was a bit perturbed, 

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PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


I don't get it!

Additional information needed?

You really don't get it?????    Did you read the full message?


From: LvlSlgr


Really PTG, you didn't get it??? You have to be kidding us, right??? LOL

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From: marbur220


PTG must be kidding...that poem gave me the laugh of the day...even tho I was fairly certain of the punchline before I’d read the whole joke.  

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PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)



Well here are the final two lines and they dont make any sense to me!

but I have to at least leave me socks on,

so I have a place to wipe my brushes."