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Started 4/20/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 261998 views.
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From: Energyworker


What does garlic do when it gets hot?

It takes its cloves off!

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


*After retirement, Mr Ashutosh Nath aged about 60 married a young 25 year old woman* …..

Now he was spending less time with his friends.   His concerned friends enquired if there was a problem.
*“I'm eager to pass time with you all, but my young wife gets lonely when I'm away.”*
His friends advised him : *Keep a young tenant at home, your wife will be happy in the company of a younger person*.
*Mr. Nath promptly acted on their advice and leased a room in his big house to a young tenant*
Now the friends were meeting more often. One day the friends jokingly asked, : *“How is your wife now*?”
*Mr Nath* : "She is not lonely at all, in fact she is happy and in fact *she is pregnant*”
The friends laughed, as they expected this.   *And how is the tenant?*” they asked.
Nath replied very soberly *“She is also pregnant* .,.”
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TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


Young Boy to Dad:   Daddy, do trees poop?

Daddy :   Of course they do! That's where number two pencils come from!

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


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Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


OMG ! I would be out cold too and by Jove so would they be!