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Friends for Midnight Castle   Friends

Started 12/23/18 by MamasanS; 12325 views.

From: GaviTn


somehow I have lost 28 friends-----you were one of them, would you send me an invite, would really like to have you back

Gavi-Tn 822345


From: Honeyphan


Hi Gavi-Tn - just a helpful word of advice -

Did you lose your friends during the event? If so, it might be because you didn't display a current seasonal event room with an HOS. I know that some here (myself included) usually delete those players that just show a regular room (with no HOS) or a Halloween room during a spring event (for instance) and keep it that way for the whole thing. Usually 2 weeks into the event, I delete them (from my main game), thinking they are no longer playing the game (you can't always go by the red or green lights on the cards, because sometimes they display wrong info.) I deleted about a dozen people during the spring event, who never changed their room to a current event one but kept it to a room with no HOS to play. I think you were one of them since I don't see you in my game anymore.

If you were not one of those who did that, I apologize for the mistake.

If you were one, and you're not sure how to get the keys to open a current event room - it's really easy. Just do at least one Trina quest. :) You need to do one quest per key. And when you switch over to the season event room, open the book, buy something for one shard - and change it over every time you change the room (by clicking the bar at bottom , to "reset" the game to recognize that room for other players. You may see it as the current room, but if you don't do this, chances are your friends will only see the old room you were just in).

To switch a piece of furniture (in this case the book) - hit the "off" button to "on" and click the book, open the options, choose, click the check mark, and you have reset. :) You can even do this with the same book - you don't have to buy more and go back and forth like I did for awhile before I realized one would work just as well. Just always click it to where you hit the check mark. Changing text in the upper left corner also works, if you'd rather do that (but I like this way - it's easier for me). lol

If you can't play the event - and that's why you're not changing your room over - please write in your friend card - "break -will be back" - or something on that order. So your friends will know you ARE still playing, just not playing the event (or during that time).

I'll go ahead and add you back, but do be aware that some of us here use the event times to clean out the rooms of those who aren't showing current HOS event rooms, which means deleting friends (though like I said, I usually give it 2 weeks - mid-event- before I do that because some players come late into the event, and I want to give everyone a chance in case they're just tardy to the event.) But I also know some people leave the game, never planning to come back, and I don't want to accidentally gift them and have that gift end up in oblivion. lol Also want to create space in my friends' list for those new gamers to MC who are playing, etc. :)

If none of this applies to you, I hope this at least helped someone.

  • Edited May 30, 2021 4:41 pm  by  Honeyphan

From: GaviTn


thank you, wonder why a couple said on break, makes sense now. I'll look into this. Do have a good day, stay safe and be happy.

Gavi-Tn 822345