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Complete MC Players list Add Me   Player Lists

Started 4/22/18 by Jenny MC (cbtx) (cbtx1); 114628 views.

From: chilpep


Hi Savanah4

Welcome to the castle.  I have added you to the master PC list.


From: wkabean


Hi I would like to be added to the master player list for iOS my BF name is wendybean and my friend I’d is i111143. Hope I am doing this correctly and if not I apologize. Thank you  Wendy


From: chilpep


Hi wkabean

Welcome to the castle.  You have been added to the IOS master list.

Nita (nmsm)

From: Nita (nmsm)


Hi. Would you please add me to the master player list for PC my BF name is Nita I'd is 642764 my forum name is nmsm. 



From: chilpep


Hi Nita

Welcome to the castle.  You have been added to the PC maser list.

Please add me to the master player list for iOS.

iOS ID: i2024031

Forum nickname / Member name: sinbad (iOS) / sinbadLL57

iOS game name: sinbad xxxx (where xxx changes as needed for msgs)

I have been playing this game for a couple of years now. This forum has been a very useful resource for helping me get to the max level and completing the various events.

I now always get to the max level for each new level up opportunity. I have accumulated lots of items over time and would like to be able to gift them to people who need them.


From: chilpep


Hi sinbad

Welcome to the castle.  You have been added to the iOS master list. 

Thanks chilpep for the add to the iOS master list.

Msg 163.497 deleted

Hi datsalotta. Thanks for reaching out. I have all the pets. I did say I have pet eggs to donate. I sent a friend invite. I will watch your consortium wish list and give when I can.