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Update September 21, 2018

Despite being weakened by the Mask, Adrian uses the last of his powers to find the final piece to the Soul Redeemer. 

The Genie knew Adrian’s soul had room for atonement!

Soul Redeemer goes to the Hall of Souls where the Iron Knight (now called Knight From Underworld) appears

The Knight From Underworld feels the joy of resurrection having returned to the land of the living.  At long last, he’s free from the Bone King’s torture!  “Has Anabel returned?  I hope she’s okay after what happened.”  Anabel is still trapped in the world of the dead.  “I’ll never forget the horrible things we saw there!”  There must be some way to rescue Anabel.  “Everything felt like a dream.  Even a simple walk turned into a trial by carnival for the dead.  It was a whirlpool of masks, laughing skeletons and waltzing ghosts.  They looked at us as if we were mythical creatures come to life…or death?”  Now it’s quite obvious the Knight isn’t the Chosen One the Bone King is looking for.  “How can we save Anabel?”

Drake, now in the Forbidden Tower, says Adora’s off visiting the East and he really wants to help rescue Anabel.  “I feel terrible that we weren’t able to help Anabel when she needed us most!”


Drake is having second thoughts, “I sacrificed my dragon power and became a human so I could be with Adora.  My decision made the castle weaker:  Lord Chamberlain died, the Messenger attacked, and the Knight and Anabel were kidnapped.  Did I do the right thing?”  Drake continues, “This human form has forced me to regret and reflect.  Dragons are not as sentimental.  I’ll always be part dragon and part human.  It’s time to pull myself together and act.”  While discussing the problem with Adora, she had an interesting idea.  “What if there’s a portal in our world that bridges the land of the living and the Underworld?”  It seems Adora was right!  “There’s a Ghost Town between the land of the living and the world of the dead.  This is the loophole for saving Anabel!”  Whatever it takes, Anabel must be saved.  “I found a way to reach through the black magic and find Anabel.”  Once the Warrior of Light is restored, it will dissolve the gloom of the darkest magic.  Drake also tells you not to reject help from anyone who offers it.

The Knight From Underworld knows that even as a human, the dragon can still help.  But something is wrong…”I’m still worried about Anabel, even though I don’t feel like my old self yet.  It’s hard to wake up in the mornings, and I can’t hold my sword.  What is wrong with me?”

Henry the Archeologist is a bundle of questions.  “Do you have any news?  Is the Chamberlain alive?  Has Anabel been found?”  Crushing boulders out of desperation, Henry worries Anabel needs him.  “How did the Knight escape while my daughter remained trapped?  The Iron Knight should have been protecting Anabel with his life.”  Henry is desperate and wonders if you understand his frustration.  “I trusted the Knight to protect my daughter, and he failed.”  Then he wonders if perhaps the Knight should be with someone else.  Henry will do anything to save Anabel, even accept help from a pirate.

Skull Pete’s been away on sea voyages and just heard what happened in the castle.  Thinking back to his last meeting with you, Pete says “I realized that I missed so much when I was a kid, which is why I became a sailor.  Now I’m back, and ready to help Henry.”  In Pete’s expert opinion, Anabel is not lucky to be in the land of the dead.  “I’m glad the Knight escaped from the Bone King safe and sound.  The King must have thought that Anabel was too valuable to let go.”  Skull Pete refuses to join the Bone King’s skeleton army and will help you find what you need, but in places that are a little safer for normal humans.  Pete ran into Henry while he was searching, “Henry’s really disappointed with the Iron Knight.  I feel sorry for the guy – it’s not his fault.  I tried to tell Henry to focus on finding his daughter and forget about the Knight.  We need to stand together against our real enemy – the Bone King.  Whose innocent soul will he try to take next?”

Henry is very thankful for Pete’s help and generosity and feels reassured he’ll get through this.

Gabrielle with Little Chamberlain is in Throne Hall.  The Chamberlain is no longer a baby, but a child who has grown up a lot.  “His development is very impressive!”  They’re glad the Knight has returned, but “Richard is upset about his porridge and demands entertainment.”  Their problems are certainly very complex, “Richard said that he’d like to meet his son.  He’s finally starting to think like an adult.” As for their daughter…”Arabella visited us earlier.  She and her young father had a great conversation, and she even gave him some candy.  Richard let Arabella pick him up and almost ate a mandrake root that she was preparing for her next potion.”  It appears their family’s relationships are finally improving, except for Adrian.  “I wish we could rebuild the relationship between the Chamberlain and his son.  Adrian has proven that he’s ready to repent.”  It was a tough conversation when Richard and Gabrielle visited Adrian in prison.  “Adrian spent years thinking that the Chamberlain and I had betrayed him.  Little Chamberlain was very gracious.  He hugged Adrian and wanted to remove his mask.  We’ve forgiven him.”  Sometimes loved ones make mistakes.  “It’s important to understand and forgive them.  You should forgive Adrian, too – he repented.”

Adrian is very thankful to be free of the mask and appreciates being given another chance.  “I swear that I won’t let you down.”  Adrian wonders, “Why did the Soul Redeemer only bring the Knight back from the world of the dead?”  And now Anabel’s trapped with the Bone King in the Underworld!  Adrian has started a new chapter in his life with his only goal that of rescuing Anabel.  “Anabel’s life is more valuable than mine.  I have a plan to save her!”  A piece you need for the Warrior of Light is in the Bone King’s vault and it’s said he guards the entrance hims
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Update December 14, 2018

Dark Anabel remembers the Ghostly Messenger saying he would do anything for her and she needs Adrian now.  Adrian is glad to see you but admits, “Something isn’t right and I need your help to prove my suspicions.”  He wonders if you also noticed “how strangely Anabel is acting?”  At first, Adrian thought it was just due to the stress she’s experienced but now believes it’s much worse than that.  As a matter of fact, Adrian is “sure that the poor girl is cursed!”  And Adrian knows “there’s only one person who is capable of creating such a powerful curse.”  As a master of dark magic, Adrian is certain “the Bone King is the one that cursed Anabel!”  After giving the matter a lot of thought, Adrian comes to the realization “nobody knows exactly how to lift Anabel’s curse” and decides there’s only one thing to do.  “We have to stall.  Tell Anabel that I need to get ready and that I’ll come back later.  We’ll look for a way to lift the curse in the meantime.”

Poor Anabel’s only response references the Ball of the Dead, saying “The great night will start soon!”

The Genie, an Elder of the United World of Magic, certainly must know how to remove Anabel’s curse.  After meditating for a while, the Genie finds a solution.  “There is a legendary tiara that can disenchant Anabel!  The tiara is broken”, but it can be fixed.  The Genie rewards you with the Tiara of Deliverance, a legendary crown known to remove dark magic.

Arabella has found out some important information, but wants to “verify this new information with a good source.”  Arabella found out the key to success in removing the curse from Anabel “is closely tied to defeating the Bone King.  Anabel can tell us how to defeat the villain when the curse is lifted.”  Arabella has an unusual new ally who “really wants to help save Anabel and defeat the Bone King!”

Shadow, appearing in Creepy Street, greets you and says, “I may look grim, but you have nothing to be afraid of.  I lost my real name long ago, so just call me Shadow.”  He claims to have good reasons for wanting to help, “Long ago, I was the ruler of the world of the dead.  The Bone King stole the throne, depriving me of my name and leaving me here to rot.  I’ll do anything to get my revenge.”  Shadow knows the “Bone King’s cunning is limitless” and suggests joining forces to “rescue Anabel and give the Bone King what he deserves.”  Every second counts and “every step towards Anabel’s rescue brings the Bone King’s demise closer.”  Shadow knows “the Bone King’s plan will destroy the realm of the living and the world of the dead!”  Unfortunately, there were unexpected complications retrieving a part to the Tiara.  It is “guarded by a very powerful spirit” but Shadow believes with your help, he can “sneak past the spirit and get the artifact fragment!”  Shadow successfully gets the piece to the Tiara and reminds you, “Never forget, the enemy of my enemy is my friend!”

Arabella is glad “you found common ground with our new ally” and is working hard to find the next part of the artifact.

Meanwhile, the Knight From Underworld is suffering from survivor’s guilt.  Although he’s very glad to see you, the Knight’s falling apart, admitting he has “terrible dreams and can’t get past these guilty feelings”

Level 89

With your help, the Knight is done feeling sorry for himself, “sitting here doing nothing” to help Anabel.  The whining must stop and the Knight will “find a way to lift the curse no matter the cost.”  Still “haunted by visions of the Underworld”, the Knight vows to “fight for Anabel as long as I can.”  The Knight hasn’t slept in days searching for clues and knows “saving Anabel will have a heavy cost.”  The Knight finds the final piece to the Tiara of Deliverance and says, “I found what we needed, but I paid for it with my life.  Tell Anabel that I gave all I had to rescue her and save the world from the Bone King.” 

The Knight From Underworld disappears from the Hall of Souls and the completed Tiara of Deliverance goes to Dark Anabel in Ghost Town Square.  Once placed upon her head, Anabel becomes disenchanted and returns to normal.

Anabel in Tiara feels reborn and “can see everything clearly now that the darkness is gone!”  Anabel knows “the Bone King’s plan will destroy all life – we must stop him!”  She was so happy to be back until she realized the truth, “My Knight sacrificed himself to save me!  What do I do now?”  It’s very important to Anabel that “the Knight’s sacrifice wasn’t in vain” and promises “to do everything possible to destroy the Bone King, whatever it takes!”  Anabel just has fragments of her memory, but she “heard the Bone King’s thoughts while cursed.  There was something about a mysterious weapon.”  After meditating, some of Anabel’s memories are restored and she remembers “the only weapon that can destroy the Bone King.”  On the right track and sure the Bone King will pay for everything, Anabel feels “Arabella’s mysterious ally knows something.” 

Shadow knows “saving Anabel was only the first step to defeating the Bone King.”  The power of hatred is very strong and Shadow’s “desire for revenge is stronger than any obstacle in our way.”  Sensing how uneasy you feel around him, Shadow says “You want to save the world, and I want revenge.  Our motives may be different, but our goal is the same.”  Apparently, Shadow has connections with spirits who can give him the right directions to the weapon, but patience is the key.  Hard work finally pays off and Shadow knows “where the weapon for defeating the Bone King is.  We’re one step closer to victory!  I can smell the triumph!”  Rewarded with the Darkness Destroyer, the perfect weapon against evil, Anabel says “Shadow isn’t trustworthy, but he got us the weapon.  As long as the Bone King is alive, Shadow’s on our side.”

But Anabel and Shadow aren’t powerful enough to stop the Bone King.  That will take a team.

Henry feels “this recent victory is bittersweet.  We de-cursed Anabel, but the Knight sacrificed his life to save
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Update – March 15, 2019

Young Chamberlain, with his usual tactical brilliance, creates a trap to lure the Bone King.  And it works!  The Bone King once again appears at Bone Palace and Young Chamberlain calls himself a genius.  One final sleepy time plea for your help, then Young Chamberlain presents you with the final piece to the Darkness Destroyer.  He’s done all he can, but it’s getting late.  Before running off to bed, Young Chamberlain wishes you good luck defeating the Bone King.

Completed Darkness Destroyer goes to Bone Palace and destroys the Bone King

Hansel, still at Enchanted Creek, was “shocked by the Knight’s death, but I have also heard rumors that he’s alive.”  Searching for proof, Hansel finally confirms the Knight is alive!  “A friend claims to have seen the Iron Knight in the harbor.  The passenger manifests of the local ships might tell us where he went!”  The Knight isn’t listed on any manifest, but Hansel tasks you with finding out what boat the Knight was last seen near.  According to Hansel, “This investigation is uncovering astonishing things!  It gives me a fuzzy feeling!”

Level 90

Hansel found out the Knight was seen near a Drakkar “a Northern boat.  He vanished just as he was coming aboard.”  After taking some time to think things through, Hansel finds “all of this very strange.  We must be missing something.”  Suddenly Hansel has an idea.  “I think I’ve got it!  They used magic!  Someone put a curse of invisibility on the Knight so that he could secretly sail away on a Drakkar!”  The Drakkar is the only lead to the Iron Knight and who knows the sea better than Skull Pete?

Skull Pete calls you matey and exclaims “It’s great to see you again.”  Pete swears on the mast of his ship to do whatever he can to help find his friend.  He’s positive the Iron Knight wouldn’t leave without a solid reason and “suspects he was either cursed or threatened to force him to go to the North!”  Skull Pete, tired of talking, says it’s time to act.  Obviously, the Drakkar was headed to the Northern Islands and the Iron Knight was on board.  So the answers we seek are on the Northern Islands.  “I don’t like cold weather, but I’ll take you to the North for a good cause.”  Skull Pete asks you to find some supplies and special equipment for the voyage while he locates a map.  “No one has sailed to the North in a long time.  I had to search the archives to find a suitable map!”  The only thing left to do is prepare the ship and Pete was amazed by your great work.  “Any captain would be proud to have you on his crew!”  After sending a recon boat ahead, Pete is satisfied all is ready.  “We’ve reopened the Northern Path!  Now we can travel to the islands and keep investigating!”

Meantime, Hansel has uncovered some distressing news.  “The vanishing spell placed on the Iron Knight is very strong and will be hard to lift.”  But he did find rumors of an artifact in the North that “can lift the curse from the Knight once we find him.”  The trip begins to the Northern Islands where you come upon Island Shore and the Drakkar that sailed out from the harbor.  A quick search yields the All-Seeing Lens, an artifact that can reveal magically hidden things.  Hansel knows that “Once we fully assemble this artifact and find the Knight, we can lift the curse!”

Still standing in Ghost Town Square, Anabel wearing her beautiful tiara feels true happiness.  “You can’t imagine my joy!  Whatever happened, the most important thing is that the Knight is alive!  I’ll fight for any chance I get to see my hero again!”  Anabel has a ghost of a memory of something strange in the Knight’s behavior.  But, while she knows something was wrong, her brain is still foggy.  “It’s hard to remember anything from when I was cursed.  Can you help restore my memories?  Suddenly, the fog begins to clear a little.  “I remember the Knight looked especially anxious after meeting a stranger!”  Anabel feels Lord Chamberlain can help.

Young Chamberlain, standing alone in Throne Hall, really doesn’t appreciate being distracted from his games.  Anyway, “I already know that the Iron Knight is alive and disappeared under strange circumstances.  I may be young, but I’ll help if I can.”  It seems Anabel was right.  “The Knight was secretly meeting an interesting person.  The mysterious person appears to be one of Shadow’s servants!  He must have met the Knight at the Drakkar!”  Young Chamberlain is young, but he’s still the Chamberlain and reminds you his kindness is not limitless.  He’ll share something you need but only in exchange for your help.  Finally, he hands over a fragment of the artifact and hopes it will be useful.  “Now it’s time for me to go to bed before Gabrielle yells at me again!”

Just as Anabel knew Young Chamberlain would help, she also knew Shadow couldn’t be trusted.  “Shadow only helped us while it was profitable for him.  He’s been plotting against the Knight the whole time!”  Anabel managed to find another part of the artifact and vows “Shadow will pay for his betrayal after we save my Knight.”

Shadow, standing on Creepy Street, reminds you of the price of victory.  “We defeated the Bone King and rescued Anabel, but not everyone is happy.  We paid a terrible price to achieve our goal.”  The beginning of some dark revelations…”Am I responsible for the Iron Knight’s disappearance?  Yes, but I don’t feel guilty.  I didn’t make the Knight do anything he didn’t want to do.  I just offered him a deal.”  Shadow says it was all a means to an end.  “We all had the same goal.  Some of us had other plans, as well.”  Shadow and the Knight helped each other, and Shadow doesn’t see anything wrong with that.  “The Knight didn’t tell anyone and faked his death because it was one of the conditions of our deal.  Forcing him to pretend he was dead is cruel, but I’m not sentimental.”  Shadow has been playing both sides and he knows everyone who loved the Knight will stand against him. 

Shadow says “I’m leaving for now, but I’m sure we’ll see each other again”, then disappears from Creepy Street.

Skull Pete assures you that he hasn’t been
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Update – July 25, 2019

This update brought a welcome surprise with the following announcement from Professor Pinfeathers:

“Hello, dear friend!  I’d like to congratulate you!  It’s been five whole years since we began exploring the secrets of the castle and its surroundings together!  We’ve had adventures no one could even imagine!  Allow me to present you with a gift to celebrate.  (5 diamonds and 500 coins)

Speaking of secrets, keep an eye out for fun, new surprises around the castle while you explore – they may be hidden where you least expect them!  The knight statues at the Castle Gates were just the beginning…”


Even though Valeria never meant to hurt anyone, she still caused something bad to happen.  Vowing to do anything to wash away her guilt, Valeria proves it with the final piece to the artifact.  “I’ll gladly give this item to you.  Hopefully it helps rescue the Knight.”  The completed All Seeing Lens goes to Frosty Fort where the Warrior Knight appears.

The Warrior Knight has missed his friends so much and asks for forgiveness.  “I feel terrible for how I’ve treated you all.  I’m sorry.  I wish there was a way to ease the pain I’ve caused.”  There is still a small spark of hope inside the Knight that his friends will forgive him.  After all, his intentions were good and there were no other options.  “I didn’t lie for personal benefit, I just wanted to help.  I had to accept Shadow’s offer to save Anabel.  It was a dirty trick, but I had no choice.”  The Warrior Knight agreed to fake his own death and secretly travel to the Northern Islands, but “It’s cold and windy here, and everyone eats dried fish.  I wish I could go home.”  The Knight wonders about Shadow’s motive, “We need to find out what Shadow wants.  Talk to him.  I know where he is.”

Shadow, in Creepy Street, is surprised you found the Knight so soon but promises it’s too late to stop his plans.  “Your fear amuses me.  Since you can’t change anything, I’ll tell you what awaits the Knight.”  But Shadow will only tell you everything when he’s ready.  Until then, you do his bidding, and accept his insults.  “Did you think that one task would be sufficient payment?  How pathetic.  I should praise you for a job well done, but I won’t.”  Eventually, Shadow gets around to the truth.  “Do you know about the Grand Joust?  No?  I’ll enlighten you.  The Grand Joust takes place on the Northern Islands and is a duel between two skilled warriors!”  Apparently legend says a foreigner will finally bring victory to the Northern Islands and Shadow convinced the Vikings that the foreigner is the Knight!  “Obviously, I lied to the Northerners…as if the Knight could be the chosen one.”  As if this were all fun and games, Shadow seems amused by your concern, “You’re so worried about the Knight that you never questioned if he’s the chosen one?  This is more fun than I expected!  I admire your diligence!  Shall we bet on the winner?  I know who you’ll bet on…”  Proud of this act of astonishing trickery, Shadow says “The Northerners can’t remove the Knight from the Joust.  They’ll be humiliated when he’s defeated and killed!  I should tell you more, but I won’t.  Tell the Knight that it was nothing personal – just evil plots!” 

Shocked by Shadow’s admitted deceit, the Knight says “I’m a simple man.  I don’t understand how Shadow thinks he can get away with this!  I’m shocked and depressed, but I won’t give in!”  Suddenly, the Knight becomes a man with a plan.  “I can’t break my word.  There’s only one way to save myself and ruin Shadow’s plans.  I have to win the Grand Joust!”  There’s only one thing that will guarantee the Knight’s victory…the Figurine of Power.  “I need you to restore this artifact which will give me enchanted armor.  I’m counting on you!” 

It won’t be easy to restore the Knight’s artifact, but you know someone who can help.

The Genie is very glad to see you again and is more than willing to help restore the artifact.


The Genie knows you have a hard task to complete, but “Magic winds have told me that your endeavor will be successful.”  But even the Genie believes in quid pro quo, getting something of value in exchange for something of value.  So the bargaining begins.  But it seems the Genie is getting the better of the deal when he says “I’m certain that I’ll have something for you the next time I see you” or “This artifact that you’re working to restore is extremely rare!” or “I’ll do everything I can, but I’m not sure if it will work” or “This artifact is so rare that it’s not in any of the magical books” and, lastly, “There’s a wealth of knowledge in these books, but they can’t contain everything.”    The ancient scrolls are very old and the Genie must handle them with great care but finally he finds something interesting.  “I found a birchbark scroll with useful information.  I must refresh my knowledge of Nordic runes to read the scroll.”  Even though the runes are hard to read, the Genie succeeds and believes deciphering the old pictures will be easier.  All the pieces of the puzzle finally comes together when the Genie exclaims, “I’ve done it!  I know what you need to find to restore this old artifact.  You will need the Thunder Trident and the Fire Whip to restore the artifact.  I wish you luck in finding them.”

Now you know what to look for, but you need more of the Knight’s friends to help.

Skull Pete, still perched on the Captain’s Bridge, extends a pirate’s greeting, “What would I do without you, you scurvy dog?”  One of Pete’s men caught a fever and now there’s an epidemic on board his ship.  Pete’s not feeling very well either and needs your help.  “A good captain doesn’t lie around when his crew can’t stand.  Do you think rum might help cure the fever?”  Left with no other choice but to summon a healer to the ship, Skull Pete needs your help satisfying her high-priced services.  In exchange, Pete promises, “We’ll set sail as soon as my crew recovers!  We have to go to
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Update:  October 17, 2019

Level 93 cont.

The Fire Conjurer asks “Would you prefer to take the Knight’s place?  It’s a great honor!”  There’s no place else the Fire Conjurer would rather be than on the Jousting Field, but to make it a fair fight, she will give you a gift to help the Knight in battle.  She rewards you with the Curvy Sword.  You’ve impressed the Fire Conjurer and she’ll do whatever it takes to help the Vikings catch Shadow…after the joust! Being the best of frenemies, the Fire Conjurer respects “the Northerners, but tell the mistress that we’re still bitter rivals until the end of the joust.”

The Ruler of the Islands accepts the Fire Conjurer’s gift and kind words but thinks “it’s a shame you could not persuade the Knight’s opponent.”  The Ruler knew the Southerners wouldn’t retreat but there is a bit of good news.  The last part of the artifact, the Stone Shield, has been found.  “Now the Knight will have a chance to win!” 

***The completed Figurine of Power goes to the Knight at Frosty Fort where the strength of a lion enters the Knight.  The Knight disappears from Frosty Fort and reappears at the Jousting Field with the Fire Conjurer, both combatants frozen in battle.***

The Ruler of the Islands is dismayed over this outrageous disruption.  “The Grand Joust is an event with a thousand-year history and no one has ever dared interrupt it!”  The Ruler insists on visiting the Jousting Field personally to see the frozen fighters and notes “they are trapped as though they are living in a moment that never ends!”  Unable to lift the curse herself, the Leader ponders what to do next.  “The Mage Coven of the Northern Islands has been summoned to find a solution.  They could use some things to aid their efforts.”  The Ruler instructs the Mage Coven “to go to our ancient libraries and search for a solution to this puzzle.”  After all attempts to lift the curse from the fighters prove useless, the Ruler of the Islands still has a plan.  “Go to one of my strongest mages, the High Mage of Frost.  He can give you a bit of advice.”

The High Mage of Frost appears in the Ruler’s Study, just off Ice Hall.  “Greetings, traveler!  I’m the strongest mage of ice and snow and I’m ready to help if you help me in return.”  The High Mage hopes to gain the Ruler’s favor; after all, she “should have a strong mage like me by her side.”  He describes her beauty as “comparable to the loveliness of the most elegant snowflake.”  The High Mage of Frost knows the Mage Coven tried in vain to lift the curse from the frozen fighters, “but on the bright side, they won’t hurt each other in their current state.”  Getting serious about the Ruler’s bidding, the High Mage knows what will help lift the curse.  “An ancient artifact, the Time Slipper, can reverse time around the fighters and restore them!  The artifact has not been whole in many years, but I carry part of it.”  He warns you to “use it wisely once you fix it.”

The High Mage of Frost says “The frosty winds of the Northern Islands are whispering to me about where a part of the artifact is.  It’s under a thick layer of ice in the Sacred Lake.”  While his body is static, his mind keeps searching until the Mage discovers the precise location of the part.  The Mage creates a spell to break the ice of Sacred Lake, but so far only manages to crack it.  In the meantime, he relates the story of the Time Slipper, an “artifact so ancient that the traces of its origin are almost lost.  My magic books don’t contain the answer but I once found a legend about the creation of the Time Slipper.”

“The Time Slipper was created by ancient Titans from stardust and star energy.  It has a power that is without equal.  The power of the Time Slipper is that it can take control over time – accelerate, reverse, and even stop it.  However, using this artifact can badly harm both space and time.  This is why it was broken, and the pieces of it were scattered all over the world.”

The High Mage says “the things you’re looking for are hidden very well, but I have managed to free this one from the Sacred Lake’s ice.”  He gives you the Mysterious Asteroid that follows the same circular pattern as the stars and planets, but cautions you, “Once you assemble the Time Slipper, be very careful with it.”

The Ruler of the Islands is amazed the High Mage of Frost entrusted you with such an ancient and powerful artifact as the Time Slipper.  But if he trusts you, then the Ruler does too.  She knows where to find another of the Time Slipper parts.  “It’s at the summit of the highest mountain here in the North.  Let’s arrange an expedition together.”  The Ruler of the Islands prepares her people for the expedition to the mountain, sure that in the end, “all of us want the same thing.”

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The expedition crew has hit the road and the Ruler of the Islands is sure they will come back with a part of the Time Slipper.  “Now we must be patient and wait for news from the crew.  “Soon we’ll find out the result of their journey.”  The Ruler of the Islands announces the expedition was a success!  “Here’s the long-anticipated part of the artifact.”  You are awarded the World Foundation, in the shape of a turtle; it holds the world’s most powerful artifact, which cannot stand without it.

Since the Time Slipper is so ancient, perhaps the location of its parts can be found in a fairy tale.  And the perfect person to ask is Hansel.

Hansel says “Even here in Fairy Forest we’ve heard about the scandal at the Grand Joust.”  He wants to help with information about the mysterious artifact, but fairy tale residents have been plagued by a terrible disease.  “Our mages and sorcerers have tried, but they can’t solve the mystery.  You’re our only hope!”  Hansel describes a disease with strange symptoms “as though someone stole people’s joy and happiness.”  Hansel’s mages believe that fairy tale residents are sensitive to magical fluctuations and “this disease might be related to the events at the Joust and has clearly appeared for a reason.”  Hansel knows his predictions are scary, but “all of this is already happening and we must find a way to deal with it!” 

Hansel believes the strongest spell can remove the dark influence, but some ingredients are missing.  While Hansel and Gretel need to create the spell “that will protect the fairy tale world from this evil magic”, Hansel insists “We should talk to my sister.  She is better suited to create the spell that will deal with all of this.”

Gretel’s welcoming invitation, “We keep meeting under sad circumstances.  Hopefully your next visit is for happier reasons!”  Gretel’s helpers are looking for ways to lift the darkening moods, but the sadness cure has so many ingredients.  Gretel hates “seeing people so depressed in fairy tale country” and offers to ask around about the Time Slipper in exchange for help with the sadness cure.  Gretel’s combat spirit is in full force, “No matter how dire the situation, I’m always ready to walk the path of adventure!  Hope you’re in a mood to combat evil as well.”  However, Gretel does have some distressing thoughts.  “Freezing the fighters may only be the beginning.  Fluctuations in the magic streams are negatively affecting the fairy tale people.  Can you feel it?”

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LEVEL 94 cont.

After all of your hard work, it’s time to cure this horrible affliction.  Gretel says, “The sun is shining.  A new day awaits!  We cured everyone and broke the connection with the magic fluctuations!”  Even though everything’s back to normal in fairy forest, the frozen fighters of the Grand Joust and these fluctuations are clearly connected.  Gretel is sure Hansel heard the good news about the cure and urges you to return to him for help.  Hansel is very thankful his people have been cured and “asked everyone about the parts of your artifact.  They’re still recovering, so there’s not much news.”

Hansel offers a bit of history on the Time Slipper, “You may not know, but fairy tale residents helped the Titans create the artifact.  We put our magic and kind intentions into it.  Unfortunately, nobody from our world saw where the artifact parts were hidden.”  It took a lot of work, but Hansel finally found one of the artifact pieces.  He notes “Without your help, our world would have sunk into total sadness.  You’ve earned this reward.”  You receive the Fire of Life, the sun lights up every day and brings new colors to our lives.

It seems time will start up again once the pendulum swings and the Knight and Fire Conjurer will be free.  Maybe Anabel can help find the villain who did this. 

Anabel’s grief is palpable.  “I don’t have words to describe how scared and worried I am.  It feels like bad luck follows my Knight wherever he goes.”  Determined to stay calm and help however she can, Anabel wonders “Why would someone tamper with time to make the fighters freeze in the middle of battle?  Who would do such a thing?”  Anabel heard tales of the Time Slipper, “After the Titans created it, they realized that it was too strong.”  Struggling to remember the rest of the legend, Anabel finally continues, “The Titans hit the Time Slipper with a giant hammer, shattering it into several pieces.”  Legend says one of the parts was given to the mages in the Northern lands, where it was buried under the thickest ice.  Another part was hidden under the golden sands to the east and yet another “part of the Time Slipper is off in faraway lands.  I don’t think any ship created by humans can reach it.”  Anabel can’t seem to get grim thoughts out of her head.  “Has the Knight been cursed with bad luck?  Why do these things keep happening to him?  No matter, I must try to stay positive!”  She ends with “We’ve endured a lot together, you and I.  I’m sure that we’ll be able to get through this as well!”  Anabel suggests the Eastern piece should be your next target.  “Have you already talked to the Storyteller Cat?”

The Storyteller Cat is full of joy meeting you again.  “By my whiskers, it’s been ages since we last met!  It’s a pity that you bring such sad tidings.  Interrupting the Joust is a very serious thing.  I don’t think something like this has ever happened before.”  Storyteller Cat knows a cunning plan is needed to find the pieces of the Time Slipper.  He’s collected some information that might help and begins studying.  “Books, scrolls, ledgers, notes, and letters – we’ll examine everything step-by-step.”  There’s no way to know for certain, but studying might reveal hints of the artifact part’s location.  Storyteller Cat chuckles at the thought that sometimes “a cat isn’t exactly a cat” when so much time is spent reading, “I’m more of a bookworm than a cat now!”  Even his fur is shinier.

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LEVEL 94 cont.

Storyteller Cat is so proud of himself, rejoicing in the knowledge of where to look for the White Moon (The world’s moons are silent and inseparable.  They light up the night sky with soft light).  “I am the smartest cat in the world!”  But there’s been a change in the magical currents.  “Shadow has re-materialized in our world!”

Shadow, in Creepy Street, sees how much he’s hated.  “But if you want my information, you’ll have to tolerate my presence.”  Shadow says you have no idea what evil awaits and he’s here as a messenger of the coming storm.  “I’m called “Shadow” for a reason.  I come from the Dark Side, from a world that is the complete opposite of yours.”  Shadow enjoys the tension as he continues, “The Dark Side also has its rulers, its powerful wizards and sorcerers.  They’ve been trying to find an entrance to your world for so long!  And now I’m here, the first messenger of the coming changes.”

Shadow goes on to explain, “I was sent here to learn how our magic works here and how it influences your world.  My liege will arrive soon.  I doubt you’ll like him, either.  He has plans to make some…changes around here.”  Shadow laughs at your anger and unfriendly look.  “You don’t know what the reforms will be like.  You might even enjoy them.”  He engages in irrelevant intrigue by feigning sorrow for the frozen warriors who he can’t help…or can he?  And all the time wasted on the plan to unfreeze them.  “Let’s return to the Dark Side.  You should meet my master, who invented this brilliant plan to infiltrate this world.  We call him The Lord of Darkness, and soon you will as well!”


Shadow says your “hostile looks grow tedious” and wonders if “you realize that all of this – the frozen warriors and long conversation – was just a trick to waste your time!”  Shadow bids you farewell having fulfilled his task and earning his Master’s goodwill.

Storyteller Cat knows Shadow cannot frighten him away from his search.  “I’ll need magical tools and equipment.  This part of the artifact is buried in the center of the largest desert.  I’ve sent a crew to find the part – hopefully they bring us what we need.”  The wait becomes tedious and there’s no doubt the ancient ones did their job well when they hid the artifact’s part so far away.  Finally, the wait is over and the next part is in Storyteller Cat’s paws.  The reward for one final task is the White Moon.

Anabel said something about one of the parts to the Time Slipper being overseas.  If you can endure an old salt’s muttering, you just might find it.

The Lighthouse Keeper is glad to see you.  “It’s been ages since we last talked.  What’s new in the world?”  Although the Lighthouse Keeper did hear about the strange duel, he had no idea the Knight was involved.  “I’ve lived a long life and acquired a great deal of wisdom.  I’m glad to share it with you.  Maybe it’s better that the Joust went wrong.  The warriors are still alive, and a common enemy will pull us together.”  There’s a hard task ahead and the Lighthouse Keeper fears any stories about the Time Slipper are long forgotten among the sailors.  While he asks around, maybe Valkyrie has some useful information.